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NFL Blitz Cheats "Visual Codes" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC


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Visual Codes

These codes don't affect gameplay (except for Blitz Stadium which adds random power-ups to the field) and must be bought with Blitz Bucks to use ONLINE. Can be used anytime for local play. Numbers are for numbers of presses required. 0-0-0 = X-Y-B:
49ers Stadium 2-1-0 A
B-52 Ball 1-0-4 A
Beach ball 1-0-1 A
Bears Stadium 0-4-6 A
Bengals Stadium 0-4-8 A
Big Head Player 2-5-0 A
Big Head Team 2-1-2 A
Bills Stadium 0-3-7 A
Black & Red Ball 0-0-2 A
Blitz Stadium 0-1-4 A
Blitz Team Ball 1-1-1 A
Broncos Stadium 0-0-7 A
Bucs Stadium 2-4-0 A
Camouflage Ball 0-0-5 A
Cardinals Stadium 0-2-2 A
Chargers Stadium 1-5-0 A
Chiefs Stadium 0-8-0 A
Chrome Ball 0-2-0 A
Colts Stadium 0-6-6 A
Cowboys Stadium 0-5-5 A
Day (Time of Day) 0-8-2 A
Dolphins Stadium 0-7-7 A
Eagles Stadium 2-3-3 A
Falcons Stadium 0-3-0 A
Flames Ball 0-4-2 A
Giants Stadium 1-3-0 A
Glow Ball 0-7-0 A
Huge Head Player 2-0-1 A
Huge Head Team 3-1-2 A
Ice Cream Ball 0-2-7 A
Jaguars Stadium 0-7-2 A
Jets Stadium 1-0-8 A
Lions Stadium 0-5-7 A
Meat Ball 0-6-0 A
Night (Time of Day) 1-8-7 A
Packers Stadium 0-6-2 A
Panthers Stadium 0-4-4 A
Patriots Stadium 1-1-4 A
Pumpkin Ball 8-3-1 A
Raiders Stadium 1-2-5 A
Rams Stadium 2-3-0 A
Ravens Stadium 0-3-5 A
Redskins Stadium 4-0-1 A
Saints Stadium 1-2-3 A
Seahawks Stadium 2-2-0 A
Soup Can Ball 7-1-0 A
Steelers Stadium 2-3-5 A
Super Ball Trail 0-1-6 A
Texans Stadium 0-6-4 A
Tiny Head Player 3-0-2 A
Tiny Head Team 2-4-3 A
Titans Stadium 3-0-3 A
Twilight (Time of Day) 1-1-7 A
USA Ball 3-1-5 A
Vikings Stadium 1-0-6 A

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