NHL 2K6 Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 3

Better team in franchise mode

While playing in Franchise mode with any team, go to "Front Office", choose "Rosters", and select a player that is labeled as "Dressed". Press A when you get to that player, then go down and select "Edit Player". Once in the "Edit Player" screen, press LT and go to "Attributes". Then, give the player a 99 for every skill. This will bring his overall up to a 99. Do this for at least nine or ten players and both goalies. Once you're done, save the roster, and turn off injuries. By doing this, you will make your team very good and guarantee a high seed in the playoffs.

Rating 2

Easy goals hint

-To easily score, when the view is pointing down, take a slap shot in your opponent's side of the ice. Note: This may not always work.

-Try going from one side of the rink (by your opponent's net) and going across as fast and as close as possible without letting the goalie hit your puck away. You do not need to do a power shot; just tap and shoot quickly.

-Set the difficulty setting to "Amateur". When playing, gainspeed while going behind the net. Do a wrap around and tap Shoot when the stick is in front of the goal line. This requires some practice.

-Get the puck and skate behind the net. Press Shoot when directly behind the net, while still directing your player around to the other side of the net. This way, your player will perform a wrap around shot.

-In Franchise mode, turn off penalties and line changes. Then, make a center, left wing, right wing, two defensemen, and a goalie at full attributes. Play every game and you will most likely win all of them.

Rating 1

Cheat mode

To activate Cheat mode, go to "Options" > "Manage Profiles" and enter "Turco813"(case-sensitive).

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Score Goal When 2 Men Down - Pro (200 points) - Score a goal with two men down on the Pro or greater difficulty setting.
Score Goal With Defenseman - Pro (150 points) - Score a goal with a defenseman on the Pro or greater difficulty setting.
Score In Under 1:00 - All-Star (350 points) - Score a goal within the first minute of play on the All-Star or greater difficulty setting.
Score On A Breakway - Amateur (50 points) - Score a breakaway goal on the Amateur or greater difficulty setting.
Score On Penalty Shot - All-Star (250 points) - Score a penalty shot on the All-Star or greater difficulty setting.