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Nicktoons MLB Xbox 360 Cheats

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Three Up Three Down (25 points) - Have a 1, 2, 3 inning with a single pitcher in any single-player mode.
Walk This Way (50 points) - Hit a walk-off home run.
Quality Start (25 points) - Go six or more innings and allow less than four earned runs with your starter.
Complete Game (25 points) - Have your starting pitcher go the distance in a 9-inning game.
Perfect Game (100 points) - Pitch a perfect game (9-innings).
One for the Books (50 points) - Have a single pitcher record at least 18 strikeouts in a single game.
Blowout (50 points) - Win by 10 or more runs.
Grinder Ball (50 points) - Win by only hitting singles .
Straight to the Show (25 points) - Win a 9-inning game in a single-player game.
World Champion (50 points) - Win the Tournament.
Twice as Nice (25 points) - Pull off a Double Play.
Got ‘em All (50 points) - Hit for the cycle.
One Man Wrecking Crew (50 points) - Have a single player account for 10 or more RBI in one game.
Spreading the Love (25 points) - Have all starters on your team earn at least one hit in Single Player mode.
Welcome to the Majors! (50 points) - Chase the opposing team's starting pitcher in the first inning.
I Make This Look Good (25 points) - Hit consecutive home runs with the same player in two at-bats in the same game.
King of the Hill (25 points) - Make it through a game without falling behind once.
I'm Not That Easy (25 points) - Hit a home run with a pitcher.
Winning Ways (5 points) - Win a Single-Player Game.
The Final Showdown (25 points) - Win a 9-inning game in Showdown Mode.
Tape Measure Shot (15 points) - Win a Distance Derby Round in Single Player.
Life is Grand (25 points) - Hit a Grand Slam.
All-American (50 points) - Defeat all the American League teams.
National Pride (50 points) - Defeat all the National League teams.
A Full Deck (25 points) - Unlock all baseball cards.
Throwing Smoke (10 points) - Throw a turbo strikeout.
Under the Sea (5 points) - Hit a turbo home run in the Poseidome.
The Wind is Blowing Out (5 points) - Hit a turbo home run in Air Temple Courtyard.
That’s Just Cold, Man! (5 points) - Hit a turbo home run in Frosty Freeze Field.
Going, Going, Ghost (5 points) - Hit a turbo home run in Ghost Zone Stadium.
I’ll Take That To Go (5 points) - Hit a turbo home run in IRKEN FIELD.
Break a Few Eggs (5 points) - Hit a turbo home run in Yolkus Stadium.
Locked and Loaded (5 points) - Load the Bases.
Hitting for Average (5 points) - Earn a multi-hit game with one player.
Squeezed In There (30 points) - Gain an RBI from a bunt.

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