NiGHTS into Dreams... Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2

Cheat mode

Press LEFT, RIGHT, X, B, A, Y, RB, RT, DOWN, UP, LB, LT at the title screen to unlock all bonuses. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: Enabling this code will disable achievements and high score:

Rating 2


the IDEAL (10 points) - Spring Valley cleared.
the POSSIBILITY (20 points) - Mystic Forest cleared.
the CONFUSION (30 points) - Soft Museum cleared.
the AFFECTION (10 points) - Splash Garden cleared.
the CONSCIOUSNESS (20 points) - Frozen Bell cleared.
the REVIVAL (30 points) - Stick Canyon cleared.
the GROWTH (40 points) - Twin Seeds cleared.
into dreams... (50 points) - Cleared all stages with All A Rank.
DREAMY !!! (30 points) - Got best rating "DREAMY" in Acrobat Time.
Paraloop Master (100 points) - Successfully Paralooped all of Gillwing’s tail in one hit.
Mystic Garage (10 points) - Guided the lost car to the garage.
Hello Mepian (40 points) - Witnessed the hatching of Mepian.
Merry Christmas! (10 points) - Spring Valley (Christmas) cleared.

Rating 1

Display the music version played in a level

The music changes in each level according to the mood of that level's Nightopians (which you can check with the "Nightopian Collection" option from main menu). In order to show the music version played in the current level, press L1 + R1 + triangle simultaneously while in "pause".