Ninja Blade Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2

Unlockable Difficulty Levels

Unlock the following difficulty levels by performing the corresponding tasks:

Easy mode -Die ten times.
QTE Easy mode - Miss the same QTE action ten times.

Rating 2

Level 5 Twin Knives

Unlock the level 5 version of the Twin Falcon knives by earning an A or better rank on your overall score. Therefore, you can have a rank of B+ on some missions as long as you have a majority of A ranks on other stages to unlock this weapon.

Rating 1

Finding hidden items

Use Ken's Ninja Sight to see hidden items and surfaces he can interact with to progress.

Rating 1


Unlock the following items by performing the corresponding tasks:

Moonlight sword - Collect all nine Moji. Then, go to Chapter 5, and enter the new cave to get the large sword and upgrade it.
Ninja Blade weapon - Beat Chapter 8
Ninjitsu Protective Barrier - Beat all missions on Hard.
Tsuinetanarunaifu (Twin Eternal Knives) weapon - Get an "A" rank in all chapters, then upgrade the dual swords to the maximum to unlock the Tsuinetanarunaifu (Twin Eternal Knives) weapon.

Rating 0

Saving money

Expend blood crystals to upgrading the big sword, whip swords, and ninja star. Your first sword automatically upgrades to its maximum during story events in mission 8.

Rating 0

See your character better

Select a very light color for your appearance so that you can distinguish your character better from his background.

Rating 0


Good Job (40 points) - Beat all missions on Normal or higher game difficulty.
It Slices! It Dices! (10 points) - Upgrade a sword.
Enter the Way of the Ninja (10 points) - Upgrade Ninjutsu.
How Ya Like Me Now?! (10 points) - Beat a Todomé attack.
Yes, I Am That Good. (10 points) - Achieve a 10 Hit Combo.
Not Too Shabby (10 points) - Achieve a 3 Kill Combo.
Let Off Some Steam (10 points) - Use the Cyclone Shuriken to put out a fire.
Burn, Baby, Burn (10 points) - Use the Flame Shuriken to set an enemy on fire.
Lightning Strikes Twice (10 points) - Use the Lightning Shuriken to charge the surface of water and shock an enemy.
I'm Rubber and You're Glue (10 points) - Deflect an enemy's projectile.
Nothing Left But the Dying (10 points) - Beat a Finish Attack.
Chewy on the Inside (10 points) - Destroy a piece of armor.
Gotta Get Them All (10 points) - Find a Shinobi Moji.
Sharp Dressed Man (10 points) - Find an outfit.
Bling or Flair? (10 points) - Find an emblem.
Hattori Hanzo Achievement Award (20 points) - Upgraded all swords to their maximum level.
Snatch the Pebble (20 points) - Upgraded all Ninjutsu to their maximum level.
I Think I'll Go for a Walk (30 points) - Max out the Health Gauge.
"Feel it flow through you." (30 points) - Max out the Chi Gauge.
Almost There (15 points) - Find 50% of the Shinobi Moji.
Beat Set (30 points) - Find all the Shinobi Moji.
Walk-in Closet (30 points) - Collect all the outfits.
Brings Out Your Eyes (30 points) - Collect all emblems.
Ya Can't Touch This (15 points) - Deflect 20 projectiles.
One with the Blade (15 points) - Kill 25 enemies with the Finish Attack move.
Mission.001 - Speed Demon (15 points) - Beat Mission 001 within 30 minutes.
Mission.002 - Master of Style (15 points) - Beat Mission 002 with more than 20 Finish Attacks.
Mission.003 - Hit Combo Fever (15 points) - Beat Mission 003 with a Max Hit Combo above 30.
Mission.004 - Ninja Sky Marshall (15 points) - Beat Mission 004 with less than 30% jet plane damage.
Mission.005 - Nick of Time (15 points) - Beat Mission 005 within 40 minutes.
Mission.006 - You Want Some? (15 points) - Beat Mission 006 with a Max Kill Combo above 10.
Mission.007 - Back in a Flash (15 points) - Beat Mission 007 within 50 minutes.
Mission.008 - Only a Flesh Wound (15 points) - Beat Mission 008 without taking 1000 points of damage.
Mission.009 - That Just Happened! (15 points) - Beat Mission 009 without retrying.
Ninja School Valedictorian (75 points) - Achieve a Total Play Result A+ ranking.
Musashi's Way (50 points) - Beat all missions on Hard or higher game difficulty.
Your Work Is Done (20 points) - Beat all missions without retrying.
A Perfect 10 (20 points) - Achieve 10 "Perfect" button presses in a row during a Quick Time Event.
"...And that's all I need." (20 points) - Beat all missions using only one of the swords to attack.
Showboat (20 points) - Achieve a 100 Hit Combo.
Show-off (20 points) - Achieve a 50 Kill Combo.
Only a Ninja Can Stop a Ninja (25 points) - Beat Mission 001.
Two-Wheel Daredevil (25 points) - Beat Mission 002.
Family Ties (25 points) - Beat Mission 003.
In the Event of an Emergency... (25 points) - Beat Mission 004.
There's Always a Bigger Bug (25 points) - Beat Mission 005.
Oni Hanzo (25 points) - Beat Mission 006.
Deja Vu (25 points) - Beat Mission 007.
Prepare for Glory (25 points) - Beat Mission 008.
Pass the Torch (25 points) - Beat Mission 009.