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Oneechanbara vorteX Cheats "Quests" (Xbox 360)


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Complete the following Quest requirements by performing the corresponding tasks:

Row 1

Use the Y + B attack many times on enemies in a stage.
Clear all rooms of enemies.
Attain Berserk mode many times in a stage.
End a Boss stage in Berserk mode.

Row 2

End a Boss stage with 1 life ticker.
Kill a Boss with a 100% bloody sword.
Do 20 manual combo hits; does not need to hit enemies.
Kill 100 enemies in a row.

Row 3

Finish different stages without taking a hit (not even from Berserk mode).
End all Boss stages very quickly.
Do a long Cool (frame) combo (all hits have white flash and whoosh sound).
Punch hit 10 Mud Zombies without being hit.

Row 4

Achieve a "Violent" combo rank many times in a stage.
Use the X + A attacks many times in a stage (must have three flashing segments).
Enter Berserk mode from Cool (frame) combo hits.
Evade (without attacking) 10 to 30 enemy attacks without being hit.

Row 5

Use evade counter-attack to kill all Bosses.
Kill 100 enemies in Mission 5.
Use the X + A attack for Annna many times in a stage.
Beat Survival mode to stage 18, 36, and 56 (done three separate times).

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