Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness - Episode Two Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 3

Music Locations

Find the following music in the corresponding locations:

Music #1 - Anne-Claire's bookshelf.
Music #2 - Jasper, Bring The Car Around - The piano in the lobby of the apartments where you first meet charles.
Music #3 - Some Things Man Was Not Meant To Know - Defeat the final boss.
Music #4 - A Madman And His Violin -  Left-hand drawer on the back wall in room connecting the main wards with the dungeons.
Music #5 - The Eight-Bit Precipice Of Darkness -  The lemonade cart as soon as you enter the panel with the FF prime.

Rating 1

Insane difficulty

Complete the game to unlock Insane difficulty.

Rating 1

Unlockable Costumes

Unlock the following alternate costumes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Cardboard Tube Samurai costume - Open all four special chests in insane mode.
Murder Safari Jungle costume - Defeat Dr. Wolfington in the cloying odor asylum.
Silent One Mime costume - Have a saved game from the original Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness on the Xbox 360's hard drive.

Rating 0

Concept Art Locations

Find the following concept art in the corresponding locations:

Concept Art #1 - Anne-Claire's room, the telescope.
Concept Art #2 - Anne-Claire's room, the machinery at the far right side.
Concept Art #3 - Sanitarium, the fountain at the entrance.
Concept Art #4 - Sanitarium, at the clipboards on the left wall in the room connecting the main ward with the dungeons.
Concept Art #5 - Sanitarium dungeon, the door to cell A-3.
Concept Art #6 - Riverbrook park estates, pile of rubble behind vendor stand.
Concept Art #7 - Riverbrook park estates, the gold fountain.
Concept Art #8 - Riverbrook park estates, the gold plaque on wall of building in lower-right section of the map.
Concept Art #9 - Symposium, on table in between left set of pictures in the first room.
Concept Art #10 - Conveyalator, the lemonade stand to the left of the entrance that is to the left of the big red button.
Concept Art #11 - The nut cart near the drawbridge lever
Concept Art #12 - The big green statue-like object behind the FF prime.

Rating 0


Millionaire (15 points) - Collect one million dollars in cash.
Moving On Up (15 points) - Collect the Wealthy key.
Arsonist (15 points) - Burn down the Riverbrook Apartments.
Endgame (15 points) - Collect a ticket for the World's Fair.
Can't Nobody Hold You Down (15 points) - Defeat the final boss of the game.
Steel Cannibal (20 points) - Spend robot parts to upgrade all weapons.
Lab Assistant (15 points) - Complete Dr. Stripe's and Dr. Whimple's missions.
Reluctant Hero (5 points) - At the beginning of the episode, refuse to join Gabe and Tycho 5 times.
The Strength To Rule (20 points) - Kill enough enemies to earn the XP needed for all party members to reach Level 30.
POWER SURRRGE! (25 points) - Block enemy attacks and get one party member's hit counter up to 40.
Pack Rat Strikes Back (25 points) - Only use items to win a fight. No attacks or counter attacks allowed.
Pervert (15 points) - Inspect a pair of withered binoceros testicles with genuine enthusiasm.