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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Xbox 360 Cheats

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Seven secret achievements coming soon!
100 Furious Stories (10 points) You performed 100 Furious Actions in Arcade or Network Mode.
30-Minute Workout (10 points) You trained for 30 minutes straight!
Advanced Fishing Manual (10 points) You performed 10 Fatal Counters in Arcade or Network Mode.
Arcade Master (20 points) You completed Arcade Mode with three characters.
Arcade Novice (10 points) You completed Arcade Mode with one character.
Arena Dabbler (10 points) You completed one Golden Arena course.
Arena Domination (80 points) You completed three Golden Arena courses!
Arena Experience (20 points) You completed two Golden Arena courses!
Awakened SPSkillBoosts Made Easy (10 points) You used an Awakened SP Skill Boost in Arcade or Network Mode.
Baby Steps (10 points) You started on the road to knowledge.
Battle Hymn of the Soul (20 points) You did battle against all the different characters in Network Mode.
Brave Gladiator (10 points) You raised a character to level 10 in Golden Arena Mode!
Combination Fighter (10 points) You completed 150 challenges!
Combination Master (40 points) You completed 300 challenges!
Cram Session (20 points) You studied 20 different Lessons.
Daring Gladiator (40 points) You raised a character to level 30 in Golden Arena Mode!
Don't Think, Feel (40 points) You completed all of one character's challenges!
First Victory! (10 points) You won your first Network match!
Good Job! (10 points) You achieved a Perfect victory in Arcade or Network Mode!
Heroic Gladiator (80 points) You raised a character to level 50 in Golden Arena Mode!
Investigation Team (20 points) You defeated all the Shadow characters playing in Network Mode.
Irreplaceable Bond (20 points) You maxed out a Social Link in Golden Arena Mode!
Mashy Mashy (10 points) You pulled off 100 Auto Combos in Arcade or Network Mode.
Midnight Rerun (10 points) You watched a replay in the Theater. Was it everything you dreamed of?
Not Unlike a Boss (10 points) You defeated a boss character in Golden Arena Mode!
P4AU Player (20 points) You reached Level 30 in Network Mode.
Rock Solid (40 points) You completed 100 Network matches.
Score Attacker (10 points) You completed one Score Attack course.
Score Master (40 points) You completed five Score Attack courses!
Score Warrior (20 points) You completed three Score Attack courses!
The Divine Way (10 points) You successfully used each character's Instant Kill move in Arcade or Network Mode.
The Manly Way: Fierce Fighting (20 points) You reached Grade E+.
The Manly Way: Mortal Combat (30 points) You reached Grade C.
The P-1 CLIMAX Begins! (10 points) Welcome to P4AU!
The Punk's Way (10 points) You defeated an opponent without letting them Awaken in Arcade or Network Mode.
The True Self (20 points) You fought your own Shadow in Network Mode!
Thorough (10 points) You completed 50 Network matches.
Tried and True (10 points) You completed 20 Network matches.
Ultimate Suplex Hold (10 points) You used the S Hold System 10 times in Arcade or Network Mode.
Wildcard Master (10 points) You used all the characters in Network Mode!
World Class SP Skills (10 points) You won 30 rounds with SP Skills or Awakened SP Skills in Arcade or Network Mode.
You're Not Me! (10 points) You went on a Shadow Frenzy!
You're on My List (10 points) You've registered a Rival in the Player List.

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Unlockable Boss Versions

Complete Arcade Mode on Risky with any character to unlock that character's boss version (the version seen on the hardest difficulty of Score Attack). Note: using Continues is ok.

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