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Planets Under Attack Cheats "Achievements" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC


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Seriously?! (40 points) - Destroy one million enemy population. Yes, 1,000,000.
Thorough (10 points) - Earn all stars in a single mission in the Humanity Inc.campaign.
Private (5 points) - Get 5 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.
Midshipman (10 points) - Get 10 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.
Lieutenant (20 points) - Get 20 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.
Commander (20 points) - Get 30 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.
Captain (30 points) - Get 40 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.
Vice Admiral (30 points) - Get 50 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.
Admiral (40 points) - Get 60 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.
Half way (15 points) - Complete half of the Humanity Inc.campaign.
Pinnacle of Man (30 points) - Complete all missions in the Humanity Inc. campaign.
Man of the Year (30 points) - Reach level 20 for Human race.
Deep Blue (20 points) - Reach level 10 for Robot race.
Jack of all trades (10 points) - Win in each basic game mode - Elimination, Capture, Domination, King of the Hill.
Heart of iron (15 points) - Win a 4 player free for all match against 3 hard AI.
Exterminator (10 points) - Purge all Swarm planets before completing the mission.
Intergalactic (30 points) - Complete 30 online multiplayer matches.
Don't panic! (5 points) - Successfully defend a planet with just a few citizens on it (except for offline multiplayer).
Narrow escape (5 points) - Capture a planet when you have no planets left in any mode except for offline multiplayer.
Tactician (10 points) - Trick Destrobos' death planet into attacking its own ally during the boss battle.
Team Player (15 points) - Win an online team multiplayer match.

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