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Prince Of Persia Classic Cheats "Achievements" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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The Lost Weapon (10 points) - Find the sword in the first level.
The Immortal (10 points) - Wake up the immortal in the catacombs.
Seven Years (10 points) - Break the magic mirror and free the dark prince.
The Gate Keeper (15 points) - Kill the chief guard.
Feather Fall (15 points) - Drink the float potion and glide down.
The Mouse Trap (10 points) - Receive help from the mouse to escape the trapped corridor.
Upside Down (15 points) - Drink both inverse potions.
Slice 'n Dice (20 points) - Kill a guard with a slicer or a spike trap.
Elixirs Of Life (25 points) - Find all 9 life potions.
Whole Again (20 points) - Unify the prince and the dark prince.
Final Embrace (25 points) - Save the princess.
Survivor (25 points) - Beat the game without dying in survival mode.

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