Prince of Persia Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 4

"Sinking to New Depths!" achievement hint

At the start of the game, the princess will tell you to follow her to the temple after the last combat tutorial. While following her, instead of going up the steps, continue past them. Look at the perimeter of the tree shrine in the desert. There is a small room under the shrine's roots near the edge of the cliff. Stand inside it.

Rating 3

Unlockable Skin Codes

Unlock the following skins by entering the corresponding codes at "Main Menu" > "Extras" > "Skin Managers":

Classic Prince and Princess skin - "52585854"
Altair (Assassin's Creed) Prince skin - "13372805"

Rating 3

"Combo Specialist" achievement hint

Perform the following combos during Boss fights in the early parts of the game. Note: The combo will not count if you kill the Boss with it, part of it is blocked, or if the Boss is hit into a wall or off a ledge:

Normal combo
X, Y
X(2), Y
X(3), Y, B
X, B
X(2), B
X(3), B
X, A
X(2), A
X(3), A

Magic combo

Y, X(2)
Y(2), X
Y, X, Y, X
Y, X, Y(2)
Y, B
Y(2), B
Y, X, B
Y, X, Y, B
Y, A
Y(2), A
Y, X, A
Y, X, Y, A

Gauntlet combo
B, X
B, Y(2), X
B, Y, X(2)
B, Y, X, Y, X
B, Y(3)
B, Y, X, Y(2)
B, Y, B
B, Y(2), B
B, Y, X, B
B, Y, X, Y, B
B, A
B, Y, A
B, Y(2), A
B, Y, X, A
B, Y, X, Y, A

Acrobatic combo
A, X(3)
A, Y, Y, X
A, Y, X(2)
A, Y, X, Y, X
A, Y(3)
A, Y, X, Y(2)
A, B
A, Y, B
A, Y(2), B
A, Y, X, B
A, Y, X, Y, B

AB combo
A, B, A, X
A, B, A, Y, X
A, B, A, Y(2)
A, B, A, B
A, B, A, Y, B

BA combo
B, A, X
B, A, Y, X
B, A, Y(2)
B, A, B
B, A, Y, B

"Sword Master" achievement hint:
To easily get a fourteen hit combo, execute the following sequence during a Boss fight in the early part of the game. Note: You do not have to kill the Boss:

Y, X, Y, A
Y, X, Y, B
A, Y, X

Rating 3

"Assassins' View" achievement hint

Go halfway up the stairs that wrap around the Martyr's Tower and lead to its fertile grounds. Then, put the prince and the Persian princess on the strange looking beam there.

Rating 3

Big view

The Machinery Grounds' feRtiLe grounds is on a large airship; place the Prince and the Persian Princess on the ship's prow.
Highest and lowest points:
-To get the highest points, defeat the Alchemist in the observatory.

-To get the lowest points, look at the perimeter of the tree shrine while in the desert; by the edge of the cliff, go inside the tiny room under the shrine's roots.

Rating 2


Wallrunner (10 points) - Complete the Canyon.
Compass (10 points) - Use the Compass.
Heal the Land (30 points) - First Healing.
Saviour of the City of Light (50 points) - Final Healing.
Explorer (20 points) - Explore every part of each region.
Block Master (20 points) - Block 50 attacks.
Deflect Master (20 points) - Deflect 20 attacks.
Sword Master (20 points) - Perform 14 hits in one combo.
Be gentle with her (100 points) - Elika saves you fewer than 100 times in the whole game.
Improviser (10 points) - Use the environment against an enemy.
Up against it (10 points) - Win a wall mini-game in combat.
Ruined Citadel Runner (10 points) - Run from the Sun Temple's Fertile Ground to the Fertile Ground in Windmills in 5 minutes.
Vale Runner (20 points) - Run between the Fertile Grounds in the Construction Yards and Heaven's Stair in 6 minutes.
Royal Palace Runner (30 points) - Run between the Fertile Grounds in the Royal Gardens and Coronation Halls in 4 minutes.
City of Light Runner (40 points) - Run between the Fertile Grounds in the Tower of Ahriman and City of Light in 7 minutes.
Warrior Special (20 points) - Dodge the Warrior's attacks 20 times in one battle.
Hunter Special (20 points) - Deflect the Hunter's attacks 5 times in one battle.
Alchemist Special (20 points) - Defeat the Alchemist without using the acrobatic button.
Concubine Special (20 points) - Defeat the Concubine without using grab.
Light Seeds Finder (10 points) - Collect 100 Light Seeds.
Light Seeds Collector (10 points) - Collect 200 Light Seeds.
Light Seeds Provider (10 points) - Collect 300 Light Seeds.
Light Seeds Locator (10 points) - Collect 400 Light Seeds.
Light Seeds Harvester (10 points) - Collect 500 Light Seeds.
Light Seeds Hoarder (10 points) - Collect 600 Light Seeds.
Light Seeds Gatherer (10 points) - Collect 700 Light Seeds.
Light Seeds Accumulator (10 points) - Collect 800 Light Seeds.
Light Seeds Protector (10 points) - Collect 900 Light Seeds.
Light Seeds master (50 points) - Collect 1001 Light Seeds.
Speed Kill (10 points) - Kill 10 generic enemies before they spawn.
Throw Master (10 points) - Throw 10 Soldiers of Ahriman into pits.
Assassin View (10 points) - Find the Assassin's view.
Titanic view (10 points) - Find the Titanic View.
In Harmony (10 points) - 500 coop jumps.
Precious Time (10 points) - Take one minute to think.
Where's that Temple? (10 points) - Talk to Elika.
Getting to Know You (10 points) - Get to know Elika by talking to her.
Good Company (10 points) - Learn about the world, and Elika's history.
Climbing to New Heights! (10 points) - Find the highest point in the world.
Sinking to New Depths! (10 points) - Find the lowest point in the world.
Speed Demon (10 points) - Finish the game in under 12 hours.
Combo Specialist (50 points) - Find every combo in the game.
Into the Storm... (10 points) - Enter the Canyon.
Saved! (10 points) - Unlock Elika's Saving Ability.
Now who's the Hunter? (20 points) - Kill the Hunter in his Lair.
Death of a Warrior King (20 points) - Kill the Warrior in his Fortress.
Death of a Concubine (20 points) - Kill the Concubine in her Palace.
Traitor's End (20 points) - Kill the Alchemist in his Observatory.
From Darkness... Light! (30 points) - Reimprison Ahriman.
To be continued... (80 points) - Beat the game.
All the Frescos (Requires"The Epilogue" bonus DLC) (20 points) - Reach all Ormazd's Frescos in the Epilogue.
A Fresco of Light (Requires"The Epilogue" bonus DLC) (10 points) - Reach one Ormazd's Fresco in the Epilogue.
Bouncing From Here to There (Requires"The Epilogue" bonus DLC) (20 points) - Complete the puzzle with rebound in the Epilogue.
Leaving the Storm (Requires"The Epilogue" bonus DLC) (30 points) - Complete the Epilogue.
The Best Offence is Good Defence (Requires"The Epilogue" bonus DLC) (20 points) - Defeat any enemy of the Epilogue by only starting a combo with a Deflect and Counter-Attack.
Change Once, Then Die (Requires"The Epilogue" bonus DLC) (20 points) - In the Epilogue, defeat the Shapeshifter with only one shape change.
Born Dead (Requires"The Epilogue" bonus DLC) (40 points) - Kill all the soldiers of the Epilogue before they spawn.
What Once was There (Requires "The Epilogue" bonus DLC) (10 points) - First use of Energize in the Epilogue.
I Only Need a Hand or Twenty (Requires "The Epilogue" bonus DLC) (40 points) - Elika saves you fewer than 20 times in the whole Epilogue.
No Time to Waste (Requires "The Epilogue" bonus DLC) (40 points) - Complete the Epilogue in under 2 hours.

Rating 2

"Precious Time" achievement hint

After defeating Ahriman, allow the game to idle for one minute before cutting any trees and proceeding to the ending credits.

Rating 1

Unlockable Skins

Unlock the following skins by performing the corresponding tasks:

Prince Altair - Go to "Extras" and register the game.  Link your online profile to your existing Ubisoft account. Prince Altair will be available in the "Skin Managers" menu.
Jade skin(Beyond Good and Evil) - Successfully complete Story mode. Jade will be available in the "Skin Managers" menu.
Prototype Prince and Elika - Collect all 1001 light seeds  in the "Skin Managers" menu.

Rating 1

Screensaver hint

Remain idle during game play to eventually see a screensaver featuring the architecture of the current level.

Rating 1

"Titanic View" achievement hint

The fertile grounds for Machinery Grounds are on a giant airship. Put the prince and the Persian princess on the beam at the ship's prow.

Rating 1

"Climbing To New Heights" achievement hint

Defeat the Alchemist in his Observatory to unlock the achievement.

Rating 0

Collect final Light Seed

To collect the final Light Seed, complete "The Epilogue" bonus DLC.

Rating 0

Assassins' View achievement

To easily unlock the Assassin's view achievement, around the Martyr's Tower you'll find stairs which go to that area'sfeRtiLe grounds. Halfway up these stairs is a beam. Put the Prince and thePersian Princess on that beam.

Rating 0

Prototype Prince and Elika skins

To unlock the Prototype Prince and Elika skins, install the "The Epilogue" bonus downloadable content.