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Prince of Persia Cheats ""Combo Specialist" achievement hint" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC


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"Combo Specialist" achievement hint

Perform the following combos during Boss fights in the early parts of the game. Note: The combo will not count if you kill the Boss with it, part of it is blocked, or if the Boss is hit into a wall or off a ledge:

Normal combo
X, Y
X(2), Y
X(3), Y, B
X, B
X(2), B
X(3), B
X, A
X(2), A
X(3), A

Magic combo

Y, X(2)
Y(2), X
Y, X, Y, X
Y, X, Y(2)
Y, B
Y(2), B
Y, X, B
Y, X, Y, B
Y, A
Y(2), A
Y, X, A
Y, X, Y, A

Gauntlet combo
B, X
B, Y(2), X
B, Y, X(2)
B, Y, X, Y, X
B, Y(3)
B, Y, X, Y(2)
B, Y, B
B, Y(2), B
B, Y, X, B
B, Y, X, Y, B
B, A
B, Y, A
B, Y(2), A
B, Y, X, A
B, Y, X, Y, A

Acrobatic combo
A, X(3)
A, Y, Y, X
A, Y, X(2)
A, Y, X, Y, X
A, Y(3)
A, Y, X, Y(2)
A, B
A, Y, B
A, Y(2), B
A, Y, X, B
A, Y, X, Y, B

AB combo
A, B, A, X
A, B, A, Y, X
A, B, A, Y(2)
A, B, A, B
A, B, A, Y, B

BA combo
B, A, X
B, A, Y, X
B, A, Y(2)
B, A, B
B, A, Y, B

"Sword Master" achievement hint:
To easily get a fourteen hit combo, execute the following sequence during a Boss fight in the early part of the game. Note: You do not have to kill the Boss:

Y, X, Y, A
Y, X, Y, B
A, Y, X

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