Prototype Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 11

Helicopter jumping hint

The ability to Jump Kick is necessary so that you can fly towards the first helicopter of The Strike team. You can also use the Whipfist's Grab upgrade to latch onto an enemy helicopter. Double Jump can also be useful. First, jump up and Jump Kick or use the Whipfist Grab to latch onto the first helicopter. Do the button event to kill the pilots, then fly up as high as possible and look for the next target. Make sure to use the Lock On ability. Jump out of the current helicopter and Jump Kick towards the next helicopter. You can keep doing this as long as there are helicopters. If you fall, immediately use the Whipfist Grab. Note: This can be very challenging but if done successfully you can attack numerous helicopters without ever touching the ground.

Rating 10


Revenge Revisited (60 points) - Beat Story Mode on hard difficulty.
Endless Hunger (10 points) - Consume 200 characters to boost your health.
Trail Of Corpses (30 points) - Kill 53,596 infected.
Wrecking Yard (20 points) - Destroy 2,000 vehicles.
Misconception (20 points) - Destroy 25 Infected Water Towers before they hatch.
Brain Trust (20 points) - Beat all Consume Events.
Streetwise (50 points) - Collect all Landmark collectibles scattered across New York City.
Polymath (40 points) - Collect all Hint Collectibles scattered across New York City.
Half-Truths (10 points) - Beat a mission without causing a single Military Alert.
Mankind Is Your Mask (40 points) - Beat 3 missions without causing a single Military Alert.
The Butcher (30 points) - Kill 50 characters in 5 seconds.
Return Fire (10 points) - Catch any object tossed by a Hydra; and throw it back.
Gunning (10 points) - Destroy 20 Helicopters in a single Helicopter flight.
Cleanup (10 points) - Kill 15 characters with a single Whipfist attack.
The First Thread (10 points) - Unlock the Web of Intrigue.
Self-Deception (20 points) - Discover what happened to Alex Mercer through the Web of Intrigue.
Web Of Knowledge (60 points) - Acquire all nodes of the Web of Intrigue.
It's Him! (10 points) - Patsy 5 military personnel.
In Plain Sight (10 points) - Evade 10 strike teams.
Infiltrator (20 points) - Infiltrate 10 Military Bases disguised as a Commander.
Threat Elevated (20 points) - Destroy 25 strike teams.
Repossession (10 points) - Seize 50 vehicles from enemy hands.
SME (20 points) - Gain the ability to drive and fly all vehicles.
Surface-To-Air (10 points) - Shoot down 50 helicopters while driving armor.
Evolutionary Step (10 points) - Use the Upgrade Menu to acquire an Upgrade.
Unnatural Selection (40 points) - Acquire all available upgrades.
The Cleaner (20 points) - Destroy 10 Military Bases or Infected Hives in New York City.
In The Web (20 points) - Consume 50 Web Targets.
Au (40 points) - Achieve a rating of Gold or better in all Events.
Nice Guy (40 points) - Beat the game while consuming 10 Civilians or fewer.
Hard To Kill (60 points) - Beat Story Mode in any difficulty without dying.
Speed Bumps (20 points) - Run over 500 characters in a single tank.
Pt (60 points) - Achieve a Platinum Medal in all Events.
Crossing The T (10 points) - Complete the Hunter Boss Encounter.
Errand Boy (10 points) - Complete the Specialist Boss Fight.
Children Of Blacklight (20 points) - Complete the Supreme Hunter Boss Battle.
On Instinct (20 points) - Complete the Mother Boss Battle.
One Thousand Suns (40 points) - Complete the Supreme Hybrid Boss Battle.
Hope (20 points) - Discover the truth behind Hope, Idaho.
Origin (20 points) - Discover the history of Elizabeth Greene.

Rating 7

Gliding farther

Note: Double Airdash and Glide are required. By using the Glide, Dash, Glide Dash trick, you can reach much farther distances.

Rating 7

Locating Infected water towers

Crows usually circle the Infected water towers. Also, when using Infected Vision the water towers will glow orange.

Rating 6

Free Thermobaric tank glitch

Unlock the "Rolling Thunder" Kill Event that occurs between the East Village and the Lower East Side to find a Thermobaric Tank next to that event. Get into it to activate the event, then immeidately exit before the event actually starts. If done correctly, you will have a free tank. The tank will disappear if you leave the tank or use it to destroy a Hive or Base. However, it can be obtained again where it was found.

Rating 5

Experience hints

-Note: You can probably do this trick with any helicopter. Play the mission where you have to steal a helicopter to find the right hunter. You are told to go fly over the Infected area and scan the Infected water towers for a suitable enemy type. Instead, however, fly to the Infected area and start shooting the Infected water towers that are around all infected the areas. You get about 8,000 experience points for each. Shoot 25 of them and you will get the achievement for killing the Infected water towers without them hatching. As long as you properly hijack the helicopter and no one suspects you as an enemy, no one will attack you while this is happening. One water tower requires one missile. Make sure to steady it so you do not waste missiles. One flythrough with this helicopter can net you 1,192,000 experience points, assuming you can find one water tower per missile. You can earn even more than that if you use your machine gun. After getting about 500,000 experience points, crash the helicopter and repeat the process again from the checkpoint.

-Note: This trick only works after acquiring the ability to hijack helicopters and have Infected Vision, received later in the game. Hijack a helicopter and activate Infected Vision. Look for the bright orange water towers scattered throughout the level, primarily in the Infected areas. Shoot them with the helicopter's weapons. For each water tower you destroy, you will receive 10,000 experience points, which are vital this far in the game. Note: Water towers respawn repeatedly for unlimited experience points.

-To gain more experience while running, carry an army truck or another large object and run through the infected people. You can also collect the genetic materials that comes out of a hive.

Rating 5

"Half-Truths" achievement hint

Play the mission where you lead the Leader Hunter to Ragland and complete your objectives without being noticed. You will be instructed to lure the Hunter. Look at the map to see that it is mainly infected zones with two blue military zones at the far east and west. Notice the unclaimed area directly up the middle. Stay in this area to avoid alerting the military.

Rating 5

Elizabeth Greene strategy

Purchase all upgrades that allow you to do +3 Devastator attacks, upon max health. Get all the upgrades you can via "Consume". Notice that under her life bar are other bars. These are some what the Boss' stabilizers, making her vulnerable only after you have severed them. At the beginning of the battle she will do a scream attack. Be careful. Scale up a building or whatever else you have to do. It is very easy to avoid. You will also have Hunters and Infected chasing you. Use the full body armor and claws/blade. Max out your health by running around and consuming. It is easy and the only issues you might have are Hunters, though with the upgrades one hunter can nearly boost your life to max, allowing for maximum Devastator attacks. This is one of thefirst Devastator attacks you will learn. Scale a building, boost over to her, fall, and initiate the attack. You will see quickly that the Boss' stabilizers are being damaged. Note: Every round the stabilizers' life will increase, meaning that you have to follow the tactics in the same way (and it will just take slightly longer). Strike her with the Devastator. You should have a chance for more, unless she does multiple attacks (green orbs that track you, spitting concrete and screaming). The armor reduces the amount of damage inflicted, allowing you enough time in between attacks to initiate the Devastator again. Once the stabilizers are done, she will fall and you can attack normally. She will then retreat (leaving you plenty of red life orbs to consume) before shooting out of the ground again, with more stabilizer life and "backup". Ignore the backup. This tactic works great, but if you get low on health, run away from her view and keep consuming. After she falls a total of three times you will have defeated her.

Rating 4

Better landings hint

When jumping, use a dash just before you land. If timed correctly and the drop was not too big, you should land at near full speed.

Rating 4

Floating character glitch

The Hammer Fist Power and Hammer Fist Throw are required for this glitch. Find a building with a small wall around the sides or no wall and run to the edge as if you are going to do the hammer throw. When very near the edge, hold Y to do the hammer throw. You should slide off the edge and float until your character throws his fist.

Rating 4

"Errand boy" achievement hint

The Whip Fist, Shield, and optional Thermal Vision are required. At the start, when you need to collect samples, just run around and collect them. When the Boss comes in, just Whip Fist him. Note: Do not Whip Fist him while he has the electrified Billy club (police stick) or else he will shock you and take away health. When he is shooting you, before he fires he will shine a laser light. Just Whip Fist him and he will take some damage. When he goes up to the roof and the Infected appear, he will come back down in a moment. Do the same thing, only you will be attacked by Infected. This is when Shield is useful. When his friends come down to shoot you, just repeat what you were doing before.

Rating 4

Bloodtox Filters strategy

You will need a helicopter and make sure your health is at max. Also, make sure you have the Whip upgrade. Take your time on this one since the longer you spread the mission out, the easier it will be. If your health gets low, bail from the chopper and replenish it. Once on the roof when you start at the facility, turn to the right to see two guards on top of a building across the street. They are shooting rockets down at the crowd. Use your whip and kill both of them. Acquire a helicopter. If there are no helicopters nearby, make enough commotion for a strike team to be called in. Once the chopper is within reach, use your whip and take it over. Every time you take over a heli, you will have about a 30 second grace period before the other choppers start firing at you; use it. Select the heat seekers and blow the other helicopters away, then wait for your threat to go down before you go into the Facility airspace. Once your threat is down, fly over to the Bloodtox Facility. The first things you need to take out are the guard towers. There are about eight to ten of them on all sides and corners. They also have heat seeking missiles. Once the towers are down, the facility is completely open. Beware of strike teams, etc. Save your heat seekers for them and get an aim on them before they do whenever they appear. When all the towers are down, the primary objective is to shoot those small boxes near each of the tanks. They have red blinking lights on them, and there are eight of them. Note: There are other threats in this mission. One of them is the tank that will constantly shoot at you, but not with heat seekers. However, some of the missiles people fire from the ground are annoying. Listen to your helicopter warnings and keep an eye out for other choppers that are getting close to you. The more you take out first, the better.

Rating 4

Water disguise hint

When near water and the military is everywhere, hop into the water and change your disguise immediately as your entire body enters in the water. You'll can then escape unnoticed.

Rating 3

"Misconception" achievement hint

After recovering your powers (when Ragland helps you), it will be easy to find infected water towers. Lock on to one and go to the corresponding building. Get on the roof and use the flying kick attack to do significant damage. Then, immediately follow up with a combo to destroy it. Note: The "claws" powers will make this easier.

Rating 3

Extended change

Hold the D-pad while using the armor power, vision power, shield power, or attack powers to see an extended change in disguise. Each power has their own mini-cinematic, which can be tested with or without the armor on.

Rating 3

Body surf ability

To unlock the "Body Surf" ability, go to "Main Menu" > "Extras" > "Cheats" and enter RIGHT(2), LEFT, DOWN, UP(3), DOWN.

Rating 2

Karen Parker's location

To reveal Karen Parker's location, beat all Scientist Consume events.

Rating 2

Armored Glide hint

After obtaining the Armor Defense power, you will be able to use this trick. It can be used to catch up and attack enemies with force. When you get near an enemy that you can glide over him, revert to normal Alex then initiate a glide. While gliding, activate your Armor Defense power. This allows you to maintain your glide as long as you do not release it or dash. This will allow you to glide over stationary enemies and attack with more force. This is especially useful when fighting Elizabeth Greene (the Times Square Boss).

Rating 1

Consuming Supersoldiers

Go to the "Close Combat" war event, south of the park, to find a fight going on between hunters and GENTEK Supersoldiers. Do not enter the war event. The Supersoldiers outside the event are significantly different as they do not cause military alerts when you approach them, but they are still hostile. Hold RB behind them and you can initiate a stealth consume. Note: You cannot become them.

Rating 1

"Trail of Corpses" achievement hint

Using the Thermobaric tank cheat, just circle the hives of infected and fire at the people. Each shot can usually take out 50+ people. Note: Infected Vision is recommended.

Rating 1

Avoid dying

When your health is low, do not fight with hunters. Instead, climb up to higher building so that hunters cannot reach you, or stand and watch as the military kills all hunters.

Rating 1

New Game+

To replay the game with all of the powers and upgrades you've already obtained, beat Story mode.

Rating 1

Orb XP bonuses

Collect the following amounts of orbs to gain the corresponding amounts of experience:

Landmark orbs
1 orb - 2,600 XP each
10 orbs - 5,000 XP each (+10,000 bonus)
25 orbs - 9,750 XP each (+25,000 bonus)
100 orbs - 15,000 XP each (+50,000 bonus)
125 orbs - 17, 250 XP each (+60,000 bonus)
150 orbs - 20,000 XP each (+70,000 bonus)

Hint orbs
1 orb - 5,000 XP each
10 orbs - 7,500 XP each (+10,000 bonus)
15 orbs - 12,500 XP each (+25,000 bonus)
35 orbs - 15,000 XP each (+50,000 bonus)

Rating 1

Hard mode

To unlock Hard mode, beat the game on Normal mode.

Rating 0

Platinum events

To unlock Platinum events, earn a gold in all events. Platinum events are more difficult.

Rating 0

Remain undetected

Remain anonymous and destroy the detectors by hijacking a chopper and letting your disguise meter cool down. Stay at a distance and make sure that the disguise meter is low. Target the detectors and fire the turrets. This will allow you get to the base without detection.

Rating 0

"The Cleaner" achievement hint

You can destroy ten Hives easily since the military weakens them by the time you get there. Get a tank and destroy it.

Rating 0

Glass building glitch

During the "A New Order", mission , get to the destination point. Instead of starting the mission, wall run up the building directly next to the destination point. There will be a smaller red building (similar to a hideout) on top of it. Punching or kicking that specific red building will be like punching a window or any other glass object.

Rating 0

Flourish move hint

Once you buy a power in Prototype and have it set as a shortcut move, you can then hold down the shortcut button to do a flourish move with the power. It's a unique, yet useless, animation.

Rating 0

Unlimited EP

An easy way to gain EP is on mission 22/31. After you steal the Black Ops helicopter, do not destroy the Hive when prompted. You can use the helicopter for as long as you want with its unlimited ammo. Switch to Infected Vision and blow up infected water towers to easily gain EP.

Rating 0

Supreme Hunter strategy

-Immediately switch to Armor and Blade after the cinematic ends. Having Infected Vision on helps. Keep your distance from the Boss until he starts to jump. After he lands, attack him with an Air Blade Slash so he becomes stunned after a few good hits. Grab him and repeatedly punch. If you are taken down to critical level, use a Devastator move to stun him.

-At the start of the battle, use your armor power and hook power. Then, begin using one of the following tactics:

Tactic 1
Keep him locked on. Hold [Jump] for a while to get reasonable air. As soon as you jump, hold [Attack] button and allow it to fully charge. Then, immediately repeat. This should take four stuns to kill him. Do not bother disguising as the military will barely bother with you.

The first stun
The Supreme Hunter will be stunned very quickly from this. As soon as you are locked onto him and press [Grab], you should hook onto him and immediately be able to start punching him. Instead of button bashing, press [Attack] at an easier rate than you normally would. It will register more and you will attack faster. After the first stun, which comes very quickly in the battle, he will finally get the chance to use most of his attacks out on you.

His attacks
Normal Attack: His normal attack is usually swiping at you with his fists and will fling you into the air. These are very easy to evade. If you are having trouble, try jumping then air dashing away or over him.

Throwing: Around the battle area are many explosive props which he will pick up and throw at you if you are far away. This is rare however, and he will usually miss.
Spike Attack: When he uses his attack, it is a very good idea to jump and double air dash away from him as much as possible. As soon as the spikes have shown themselves, it is useful to run at him quickly and get a few good charged slashes into him with your blade. You should not need to do this until after stun two.

Devastator: This is very easy to dodge. He will stand still and start to spasm a bit before he unleashes his Devastator. Do not stand close to him during this time, as he can unleash an instant kill on you even when wearing armor. Instead, lock onto him and air dash around him in a circular radius until the main large tentacles have tried to hit you. Once they have missed (there are about three or four of them), find a spot clear of the large tentacles and change to blade power. Start swiping at him with slightly charged blade attacks. You should be able to get your first hits into him while the tentacles are still moving out and not retracting. You can also get hurt while they are retracting; try not to run into them.

Repeat "Tactic 1" and counter his Devastators when you can. You will eventually stun him for a second time and you should encounter a cinematic during or slightly after the second stun. After the cinematic, you will realize that you have a time limit to kill him. Do not worry about it. Just repeat the first tactic and he will eventually die. You should not need to use "Tactic 2" unless playing on Hard mode or running low on time.

Tactic 2
Wait for the Supreme Hunter to land after a jump and slash him from behind with a few slightly charged blade attacks. As he turns to attack you, jump and air dash over him. You may choose to aerial attack him with a kick or slash him and then jump away. This will lower his health quickly, combined with attacking him during Devastators and spike attacks. This is advised only if you are really running low on time and have just finished stunning and hitting him.

Depending on whether you are still using "Tactic 1" (recommended), you should be able to quickly finish off the hunter within two more stuns. There are four stuns in total. Each stun should take away about 25% of his life under the Medium difficulty setting. If you are using the blade tactic, you will probably encounter him for longer and may get less stuns on him.

You should not have to heal before the cinematic. However, if you do get hurt badly during the second half and there are no people to consume, either stay with "Tactic 1" and jump kick him, or run to the part of the ship with the turrets (the tower object) and jump behind it into the water. As you jump back out, press Forward against the ship and you should hit the ship while coming back up and fall back into the water. Try to press [Grab] onto the side of the ship and heal there if possible. The Supreme Hunter should not be able to hurt you there. Just remember you have a time limit.

Rating 0

"The Butcher" and "Speed Bumps" achievements hint

After acquiring the ability to hijack a tank, drive one into a red zone. You will find a lot of fleeing civilians (normal and infected ). Drive on the sidewalk to run them down. You can also unlock "Speed Bumps" after 500 people are run over in a single tank.