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Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Cheats "Easy A.C.E.S. Assault and Kill points on "Negotiations"" (Xbox 360)


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Easy A.C.E.S. Assault and Kill points on "Negotiations"

After reaching the part of the level where you have to defuse the bomb on the door, have your team hold at the base of the stairs. Then, proceed up the stairs and stand a couple feet back from the double doors. Aim at the bottom of the doors and throw a grenade, then back away from the grenade fast so you do not die when the grenade goes off. A delayed rumble will occur and you will receive experience points. The amount of points is dependent on what difficulty you play at, and you will receive 2 A.C.E.S. Assault points for a kill with a grenade. You will fail the mission because it states that you "Disobeyed a Direct Order,"--but do not worry; you will not lose any experience and can just reload the checkpoint at the bottom of the stairs again. Repeat the process multiple times. This will help you effectively unlock guns and rank up. Note: This was done under the Realistic difficulty setting.

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