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Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Cheats "Easy Assault points hints" (Xbox 360)


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Easy Assault points hints

-On CQB, take a frag grenade and C4 as your gadgets. You should have an assault rifle with your other weapons. When you set it up, make sure your teammates are in the game at high enemy level and that it is on normal. Once you begin, tell your teammates to go to the box in front of you, then go to the corner to your right and take cover on that wall. Throw a grenade down at the other end of the building to get one or two kills. Wait for another terrorist to appear, then throw the other grenade to get three or four kills. Walk out the door to your left and take out your C4. Throw it inside the door to the brick building, then shoot the upper left green box in the brick building. Wait until some terrorists get close to the door. Detonate the C4 and keep doing this until the terrorists stop appearing. Go to the end of the brick and throw a grenade through the doorway. You should get a few more kills.

-Play single player Terrorist Hunt while making sure you have C4 on you. Select the Presidio map and set it to the Realistic difficulty and high density. Make it that so you are a lone wolf. Once done, launch the game. When you begin, go forward in the direction you are facing. Make sure to sprint to get there fast. After sprinting you should see a set of doors. Take cover next to the closest one and, after you are in cover, open the door. At the far end of the room there will be a man that will walk by. Take him out by precision aiming (firing from cover). On the left should be another set of doors. Throw a C4 in front of it, but not on it. Wait for one of the doors to open and detonate it, then throw in another C4 and detonate it. The most you should get is six kills, but it may be lower though. Repeat this to get a lot of Assault points.

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