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Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Cheats "Easy EXP in chapter 1" (Xbox 360)


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Easy EXP in chapter 1

In Chapter 1, The Pyrenees, there is a respawning enemy whom you can repeatedly kill to gain CQB, Marskmanship, and Assault points. Just before Gabriel Nowak defuses the bomb, set a C4 charge on the pillar where the gun turret on the left will deploy. Order Nowak to "Team Defuse Bomb", and detonate the C4 to kill the enemies past the shutter. There is one enemy who will continuously respawn on the balcony above where Bishop and the team entered the bomb room. To gain CQB points, move close to him and kill him. To gain Marksmanship points, shoot him in the head. To gain Assault points, allow him to take the gun turret before killing him.

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