Remember Me Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2


Script Kiddie (10 points) Finish the game in Script Kiddie Mode.
Errorist Agent (20 points) Finish the game in Errorist Agent Mode.
MemHunter Elite (50 points) Finish the game in Memory Hunter Mode.
I know kung fu (20 points) Equip 17 Pressens at least once in your Combos.
Float like a butterfly (20 points) Beat Kid X-Mas in under 5 minutes without dying.
You missed me (20 points) Dodge a Skinner's charge five times in a row.
The wheat and the chaff (20 points) Beat Madame without hitting any of her clones.
Leader of the pack (20 points) Beat a Mourner without beating its supporting sidekicks.
Out of the friend Zorn (20 points) Beat a Zorn in under 120 seconds.
The fallen (20 points) Make 50 Leapers fall off walls.
It's all in the details (30 points) Find all Mnesist memories.
I do like spam! (20 points) Finish 15 Enforcers off with the Spammer.
Machines do it better (20 points) Use the Sensen RIP to make robots knock 20 human enemies out.
Fury lover (30 points) Reach x14 with the Sensen Fury.
Fuzzy logic (40 points) Hit 5 enemies at once with a Logic Bomb while they are stunned by the Sensen DOS.
The shield is down! (20 points) Destroy 20 Heavy Enforcer shields.
Fiat lux! (20 points) Beat 15 Stranglers without using the Sensen DOS.
You focus (20 points) Find all Focus Boosts.
Gotta patch them all! (20 points) Find all SAT Patches.
Pest control (30 points) Find all Scaramechs.
Droning by numbers (30 points) Get hit 5 times by a drone during a playthrough, on any given difficulty.
God is a DJ (40 points) Find and activate all interactions in all memory remixes.
Unbelievable truth (20 points) Reach all memory bugs in all memory remixes.
Mix'em all (20 points) Land 10 Combos that combine the four different Pressen types.
Queen of the hill (20 points) Survive the entire Leaking Brain assault (episode 3) without using Power or Regen Pressens.
Can't touch this (20 points) Defeat 5 Elite Enforcers without using Combos or Spammer attacks.
Dropping L-Bombs (20 points) Trigger two Logic Bombs in less than 15 seconds.
8-hit wonder (20 points) Perform 40 8-hit Combos.
Serve the servant (20 points) Beat 20 robot enemies.
400 (50 points) Beat 400 enemies.
Lord of the ring (20 points) Beat 15 enemies by making them fall off a platform.

Are you my mummy? (10) Finish episode 5
Birthday crash (10) Remix Scylla
Biter bit (10) Remix Charles
Christmas is over (10) Finish episode 2
Crime of passion (10) Remix Forlan
Dead man's chest (10) Finish episode 0
Final overload (20) Destroy H3O
Forged alliance (10) Finish episode 1
Happy birthday (20) In the Scylla memory remix: have Scylla and Nilin avoid the accident and get on their way home
Jail break-in (10) Finish episode 3
Medical malpractice (10) Remix Olga
Mind craft (10) Finish episode 6
Murder incorporated (10) Finish episode 4
Open mind (10) Perform your first memory steal on Bad Request
Power off (20) In the final memory remix: have Jax short-circuit, but keep everybody safe
Rust in Peace (20) Destroy the Zorn that chased you in the prologue
Towering inferno (10) Finish episode 7
Trigger unhappy (20) In the Forlan memory remix: have Forlan get the gun, argue with Alexia but not kill her
You talkin' to me? (20) In the Olga memory remix: have David awaken and talk to Olga