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Resident Evil 5 Cheats "BSAA emblem locations" (Xbox 360)

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BSAA emblem locations

Unlock items at the "Bonus Features" menu by shooting the thirty hidden B.S.A.A. emblems. Note: When replaying a level to find emblems, there is no need to continue to a checkpoint. The game will record it as collected as soon as it is shot:

Chapter 1-2: Public Assembly
  • Emblem #1 - Inside the building with the antique clock treasure, go upstairs to the east balcony and turn right. Look towards the house in the distance to see the emblem.
  • Emblem #2 - After the radio transmission about an unkown hostile, climb the ladder to the top floor of the building. Stand on the east side and look west. The emblem is located under the water tower.
  • Emblem #3 - Before completing the level, go past the ammo suitcase and look through the fence on your right to see the emblem.

Chapter 2-1: Storage Facility
  • Emblem #4 - Located to the right and above the exit door of the warehouse.
  • Emblem #5 - After crossing the bridge, turn right and go down the walkway that leads down to the river. The emblem is located on one of the support columns under the bridge.
  • Emblem #6 - As you walk into the market, look to the small green stall on your right. The emblem is located underneath the roof.
  • Emblem #7 - Ahead of the port's gate, climb the ladder of the first builing on your right. Go to where a Green Herb is laying and look across to see the emblem in an arched doorway.
  • Emblem #8 - Before you assist Sheva across the gap, turn around to spot the emblem on the roofs ledge on the right side.

Chapter 2-2: Train Station
  • Emblem #9 - In the trainyard go to the first train car and turn around. The emblem is on a large industrial tower.
  • Emblem #10 - While crossing the wooden bridge look to your right. The embelem is located behind the waterfall.
  • Emblem #11 - At the end of the strip mine after you exit the two story building, turn around to spot the emblem against the wall on second of the three buildings.

Chapter 3-1: Marshlands
  • Emblem #12 - While on the airboat to your left is a power line with a pair of cables connecting to a far away pole. Zoom in on the pole about midway up it to spot the emblem.
  • Emblem #13 - On the chicken island, get off the boat in the middle of the map. Stand in front of the canoe by the shore and look under the hut to spot the emblem on the right side.
  • Emblem #14 - At the northwest island with the Nile Perch fishery, walk towards the hut. Look up to spot the emblem in the rafters.
  • Emblem #15 - Open the swamp gate and go to the next map. Go into the water and turn around to spot the emblem underneath the wooden walkway.

Chapter 3-2: Execution Ground
  • Emblem #16 - Located at the Tricell campsite in between two tents.Emblem #17 - At the harbor when the timer starts running, look behind your spawn point to see a shack with the emblem inside. Chapter 3-3: Oil Field - Drilling FacilitiesEmblem #18 - After passing through the first floodgate, look behind you to spot the emblem on the upper part of it. Chapter 4-1: Caves
  • Emblem #19 - After you fight the spider enemies on the rope bridge, look near the smaller of the two waterfalls to spot the emblem.
  • Emblem #20 - Use a rifle's zoom to locate the emblem about halfway down the structure with a giant crystal.
  • Emblem #21 - In the labyrinth area, jump over a gap near a torch. The emblem is located above the green statue.

Chapter 4-2: Worship Area
  • Emblem #22 - The emblem is located on the first floor in the north room with the corpse and spikes. Use the mirror lasers to get it.

Chapter 5-1: Underground Garden
  • Emblem #23 - Located in the large garden at the northeast corner under the small bridge.

Chapter 5-2: Experimental Facility
  • Emblem #24 - Located inside the open dumpster after passing through the first set of conveyors.

Chapter 5-3: Uroboros Research Facility
  • Emblem #25 - Exit the boss room and check behind the large ventilation fan to spot the emblem.
  • Emblem #26 - When you reach the rotating white metal silo platform go downstairs and look up to spot the emblem through the floor grating of a control booth.
  • Emblem #27 - Located inside the elevator shaft of the mining area.

Chapter 6-1: Ship Deck
  • Emblem #28 - Aim and zoom your rifle to the distant radar tower at the far end of the ship's deck. It is located on top of it.
  • Emblem #29 - There is a switch used to operate a crane next to one of the cargo containers. Use it to move the machinery in your way. The emblem is located inside the container left of the cargo elevator. Throw a grenade inside to break it.
  • Emblem #30 - In the room where you meet Excella, look inside a cupboard with a glass door to spot the emblem.

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