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Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy Cheats "Passport locations" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Passport locations

Passports can be found in the following locations:

-On level 1 of the garage, go to the back of the toll gate. The passport is located between two police cars.

-On level 2 of the garage, search for a green exit sign. A fewpolicemen will exit there. Take care of them and enter the room. Thepassport is upstairs and on the left.

-Opposite of the garage exit, the passport is by a sign advertising Zurich.

-After entering the airport go up the right escalator. The passport is in a one of the telephone booths in the far right corner.

-After the security doors close on you, look for a fenced-up area. The passport is located there.

-Whileadvancing through the airport shops, look for a shop named "Bucher undGeschenke". There are two of them, but one is locked. The passport isbehind the counter of the open shop.

-At a checkpoint where youfight enemies at a square counter of monitors, go the section of thecounter opposite from the door where you entered.

-When jumping the train cars, after you jump the fourth one the passport can be found along the wall of the train car.

-Whenyou must dodge the oncoming train, keep advancing until you reach thestairs. Do not go up the stairs. Instead, run into the tunnel the trainenters from. Stay on the right side to avoid dying. Search the pocketsof space on the right side to find the passport.

-When fightingin the area with all the crates, look for a white van. To the left ofthe van is a warehouse. Enter it and search for the passport.

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