Rocky And Bullwinkle Xbox 360 Cheats

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Advanced Moosology (5 points) - Reach difficulty level 3 in any show.
New Customer (5 points) - Buy something from the Boxtop Shop.
Happy Ending (10 points) - Complete any show.
Over the Hill (10 points) - Complete any 4 shows.
Seven With One Blow (15 points) - Complete a Rerun set that includes games from seven different shows.
This Time For Sure! (15 points) - Complete any show without losing a life.
Hare Loss (20 points) - Find all of Accident Rabbit's hiding places.
Cereal Lover (20 points) - Accumulate a balance of at least 5,000 Boxtops.
The Young Storyteller (20 points) - Complete all Aesop games at difficulty level 5.
Season Finale (25 points) - Complete all shows.
Corner the Market (25 points) - Purchase everything in the Boxtop Shop.
Secret Formula (30 points) - The secret formula is something you will have to concoct yourself.