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The Geek (25 points) - Beat the game on Recruits difficulty.
Shark Man of the Delta (50 points) - Beat the game on Regulars difficulty.
Demo Dick (75 points) - Beat the game on Elites difficulty.
SNAFU (5 points) - Beat mission 1 on any difficulty.
KISS (5 points) - Beat mission 2 on any difficulty.
GNBN (5 points) - Beat mission 3 on any difficulty.
PFDL (5 points) - Beat mission 4 on any difficulty.
FUBAR (5 points) - Beat mission 5 on any difficulty.
HUMINT (5 points) - Beat mission 6 on any difficulty.
KATN (5 points) - Beat mission 7 on any difficulty.
DOY (5 points) - Beat mission 8 on any difficulty.
Double Tap (30 points) - Beat an entire mission using only the pistol in Single-Player mode.
Getting Your Gun Off (30 points) - Kill at least one enemy with every weapon in the game in Single-Player mode.
Frag Out! (25 points) - Kill 20 enemies using grenades in Single-Player mode.
Now THIS Is A Knife (30 points) - Kill 30 enemies using kill moves in Single-Player mode.
Never Knew What Hit Them (20 points) - Kill 50 unalerted enemies in Single-Player mode.
Improv (25 points) - Kill 20 enemies using explosive objects in Single-Player mode.
Guns Don't Kill People, SEALs Do (25 points) - Kill 30 enemies using sniper rifles in Single-Player mode.
Supressing Fire (25 points) - Kill 20 enemies using blindfire in Single-Player mode.
Are These Guys For Real? (30 points) - Kill 50 Spetznaz in Single-Player mode.
Health And Safety (25 points) - Blow up 20 fire extinguishers in Single-Player mode.
Migraine Breaker (50 points) - Kill 50 enemies with head shots in Single-Player mode.
Gang-Bang (35 points) - Kill a group of 4 enemies with a grenade in Single-Player mode.
Dick Would Be Proud (35 points) - Beat a mission without dying in Single-Player mode.
Military Budget (30 points) - Kill 5 enemies with an assault rifle without reloading or changing weapons in Single-Player mode.
Come Get Some! (20 points) - Kill 5 enemies with a shotgun without reloading or changing weapons in Single-Player mode.
Ninja (20 points) - Perform 3 Kill moves in a row in Single-Player mode.
Curb-Stomper (20 points) - Perform 5 Finishing moves in Single-Player mode.
Chop-shop (20 points) - Destroy 10 vehicles in Single-Player mode.
Over The Top (5 points) - Throw an enemy over a ledge in Single-Player mode.
Not The Face (5 points) - Smash an enemy's face into a wall in Single-Player mode.
Fresh Off The Boat (15 points) - Play online once in Multiplayer mode.
THREATCON (25 points) - Place first in a Ranked Deathmatch game in Multiplayer mode.
Spec Warrior (15 points) - Kill 3 people in a row in Multiplayer mode.
SEAL Team Six (10 points) - Play a Team Deathmatch to completion with at least 3 friends on your team in Multiplayer mode.
Smack The Rogue (25 points) - Come first in 10 Ranked Deathmatch games in Multiplayer mode.
Friendship Is For Suckers (20 points) - Kill someone on your friends list in Multiplayer mode.
Keep Your Friends Close ... (20 points) - Perform a kill move on a friend in Multiplayer mode.
Decorated Veteran (20 points) - Play 50 games online in Multiplayer mode.
From Beyond The Grave (20 points) - An enemy dies from your grenade ... after you have been killed in Multiplayer mode.
POTUS (25 points) - Place first in a Ranked Team Deathmatch in Multiplayer mode.
Special Warfare Group ONE (25 points) - Be on the winning team for 10 Team Deathmatch games in Multiplayer mode.
Host Me Up (5 points) - Host a custom game to completion in Multiplayer mode.
Legion Of Merit (50 points) - Finish each map in 1st place in Multiplayer mode.
One Man Army (30 points) - Kill 200 enemies in Multiplayer mode.

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