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RTL Winter Sports 2009 Cheats "Achievements" (Xbox 360)


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Style Master (1 point) - Perform a Great take off and a Perfect landing on the normal hill.
Speed Junkie (1 point) - Go faster than 155 km/h in Downhill.
Eagle Eye (1 point) - In Curling, shoot the rear stone out of the house without touching the front one.
Finger Stroboscope (1 point) - Hit 20 targets at the Biathlon shooting.
Skeletorious (1 point) - Go faster than 116 km/h in Skeleton.
Downhill Boss (10 points) - Be faster than the favorite in Downhill.
Mr. and Mrs. Skill (5 points) - Get the Curling stone onto the specified position without touching your other stone.
Paceman (5 points) - Reach a top speed of at least 60 km/h at Biathlon.
AIR G (5 points) - Jump over 50 meters in Super G. Search the best ramp on the track.
Brainiac (5 points) - Add up the figures during the run within 135 seconds and enter the correct result.
Quick Start (5 points) - You need to perform an awesome start (better than 89%) in Speed Skating.
Speedskate Boss (20 points) - Beat the Boss in 500m Speed Skating (mind the racing line).
Ruler (10 points) - You have 35 seconds to overtake all 7 opponents at Biathlon.
Bob Perfect (10 points) - Perform a perfect start with the four-seater bob.
MC Fly (10 points) - Keep cool, watch your style and perform a GREAT landing.
Golden Moments (10 points) - Collect 37 gold coins in Downhill. You have 150 seconds.
Clever (10 points) - Add up the figures during the run within 135 seconds and enter the correct result.
Bob Boss (30 points) - Match with the fast as lightning two-seater bob champion and beat him.
Sniper (15 points) - Shoot two adversarial stones out of the house without touching other stones.
Rhythm Sticks (15 points) - Great rhythm in 500m Speed Skating.
Art of Curling (15 points) - Show your feeling for art and match the given pattern with your Curling stones.
Untouchable (15 points) - Race through the ice canal without touching the boards.
Skull Skill (15 points) - Avoid any contact with the skulls in this 500 m Speed Skating race and win the race.
Giant Slalom Boss (50 points) - Compete with Mr. Giant Slalom himself.
Kamikaze ( 20 points) - Fall as hard as you can after jumping 130 m from the large hill.
Yin and Yang (20 points) - Collect 42 coins but avoid the skulls. You have 112 seconds.
Art of Shooting (20 points) - Be the van Gogh of the track and shoot the right patterns in Biathlon.
Skiller (20 points) - You have two stones to remove three adversarial stones from the house. Good luck.
Calculator (20 points) - Add up the figures during the run within 100 seconds and enter the correct result.
Biathlon Boss (70 points) - Compete with the best biathlete of all times (losing is not an option).
High Skiller (25 points) - Push the opponent's stones to the specified position without moving your stones.
Alpha Dog (25 points) - Keep your position for 60 seconds. No one must overtake you.
Skully (25 points) - Avoid all skulls within the given time without getting disqualified.
Style Flyer (25 points) - Get an excellent style score at the Ski Jump from the small hill.
Time of the Skull (25 points) - Avoid the skulls within the time limit.
Slalom Boss (100 points) - Do your best in Slalom.
Rookie Cup (20 points) - Win the Rookie Cup.
Zen Cup (25 points) - Win the Zen Cup.
Slide Cup (30 points) - Win the Slide Cup.
Big Time Cup (30 points) - Win the Big Time Cup.
Groove Cup (30 points) - Win the Groove Cup.
Advanced Ski Cup (35 points) - Win the Advanced Ski Cup.
Ice Tube Cup (35 points) - Win the Ice Tube Cup.
Lord Winterbottom Cup (40 points) - Win the Lord Winterbottom Cup.
Wanna Go Pro Cup (45 points) - Win the Wanna Go Pro Cup.
Almost Famous Cup (50 points) - Win the Almost Famous Cup.

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