Saboteur, The Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 3

"The Legend Begins" achievement hint

After you blow up the fuel depot at the start of the game and retur to the Belle De Nuit, drop off Luc. Instead of entering the Belle De Nuit, unlock all three Mayhem perks to unlock machine guns on the Aurora race car. The easiest way to unlock the last Mayhem perk is to find an open tank, hijack it, and destroy any Nazi vehicles that appear. Proceed to "The Race" where Sean is tasked with racing against Dierker in Saarbrucken. During the race, do not pass Dierker but get close enough to him to shoot his car with the machine guns on the Aurora. Continue shooting Dierker's car until it becomes damaged and the game credits appear, indicating that you have finished the game by killing Dierker. You may either wait until the credits end or skip them. After the credits, the "The Legend Begins" achievement will become unlocked and a mission failed screen will appear, allowing you to retry the mission. Note: An open tank is located in the ruins of a building a few meters behind the church that sits at the top of the hill. The church is located behind the Belle De Nuit.

Rating 2

Easy races

To easily win a countryside race, walk to the side of each car and aim your gun at the drivers. Do this until you make each driver exit their vehicle. Then, start the race by yourself.

Rating 2

Easy money hint

To easily earn money at the mission where you have to destroy the large gun across the river from the Eiffel tower, go to where the Anti-Aircraft gun is located and take out all the guards. After completing the mission, use the AA gun to shoot down the Zeppelins. You will earn $50 for shooting down each Zeppelin. Shooting down the Zeppelins will raise your alarm level to 5 and cause airplanes to strafe you. You will earn $100 for each airplane that you shoot down. The Zeppelins and Aircraft will continuously respawn allowing you to earn as much money as desired. Once you are done, either save the game and reload it or jump off the building and die. You will however lose your weapons, but can use the money earned to replace them.

Rating 1

Yellow Lamps

If you cannot figure out how to climb a building to reach a scenic point, follow the glowing yellow lamps.

Rating 1

Vehicle Locations

The following vehicles can be found in the corresponding locations:

Bauer Fuel Truck - West Picardie/North Normadie. Near the river, where the road the road hooks around.
Gestapo GS - Gare Saint Lazarre. It's parked North of the checkpoint near the tower with the propaganda speaker.
Armed ZP750 - Raise the alarm level to get it.
Gestapo Cruiser (Not GS) - On streets around Nazi areas.

Rating 1

"Mad Bomber" perk hint

Steal a Nazi vehicle, park it in your garage, and destroy it. Then, take a new one from garage keeper and destroy that one as well. Repeat this until five of them have been destroyed to unlock the perk.

Rating 0

"Chain Smoker" achievement hint

Whenever you are not moving, tap the Left Analog-stick (sprint). Sean will pull out a cigarette and smoke. This saves plenty of time.

Rating 0

Finding paths up buildings

If there is a scenic point atop a building that you can't figure out how to climb, follow the glowing yellow lamps as they'll show the way to the scenic point.

Rating 0


Tourist (15 points) - Collect all monument postcards.
Hell on Wheels (10 points) - Complete and win all freeplay races.
Weapon Master (35 points) - Purchase all weapons available in the shops.
Solid Gold (50 points) - Complete all gold level perks.
Saint Honoré (15 points) - Spend 75,000 contraband.
Demolition Derby (15 points) - Destroy 50 vehicles.
Top o' the World (15 points) - Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
Liberator of France (110 points) - Inspire the people of France.
Silent Death (10 points) - Stealth kill 50 or more Nazis.
Northern Command (10 points) - Inspire the people of Paris Area 1.
Western Command (10 points) - Inspire the people of Paris Area 2.
Southern Command (10 points) - Inspire the people of Paris Area 3.
Chain Smoker (5 points) - Spend a lot of time idling around doing nothing.
Casanova (10 points) - Kiss 50 women.
Silver Streak (10 points) - Obtain your first silver perk.
Gold Medalist (20 points) - Obtain your first gold perk.
First Blood (5 points) - Complete your first ambient freeplay event.
Commando (10 points) - Complete each type of ambient freeplay.
Wrecking Crew (15 points) - Complete 333 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 1.
Unnatural Disaster (15 points) - Complete 212 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 2.
Walking WMD (15 points) - Complete 239 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 3.
Fatherland Fighter (15 points) - Complete 53 ambient freeplay in Saarbrucken.
Coast Guard (15 points) - Complete 76 ambient freeplay in Le Havre.
Guerilla Warfare (15 points) - Complete 425 ambient freeplay in the countryside.
Pigeon Parfait (5 points) - Find and play 'Bird Blast.'
No Witnesses (10 points) - Complete a mission without raising alarm.
Master of Disguise (15 points) - Complete a story mission with disguise intact.
Trick or Treat (5 points) - Stealth kill a Nazi General while disguised.
High Diver (15 points) - Jump from the Eiffel Tower and survive.
Not On My Watch (15 points) - Stop the Nazis from executing 40 civilians.
Vive La Resistance (25 points) - Inspire your first area of Paris.
Road Trip (10 points) - Arrive in Germany with Jules.
Knockwurst (10 points) - Beat your opponents in the bar fight.
Pint and a Shag (10 points) - Get lucky with Skylar.
Fenderbender (10 points) - Crash Dierker's car.
Out of the Frying Pan (30 points) - Escape from Germany.
Into the Fire (40 points) - Reach Paris.
Buried Secrets (25 points) - The Resistance was born.
Crashlander (30 points) - Send the Nazi zeppelin up in flames.
Bridge Buster (30 points) - Destroy the train.
Repo Man (30 points) - Recover the Aurora.
Rescue (40 points) - Rescue Veronique.
Pole Position (40 points) - Beat Dierker in the Parisian race.
Payback (50 points) - Blow up "Doppelsieg."
The Legend Begins (100 points) - Beat the game.

Rating 0

Nazis strategy

To easily defeat Nazis, act suspiciously to lure a Nazi from his post, then kill him when no other enemies are nearby.