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Saints Row 2 Cheats "Unlockables" (Xbox 360)

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Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:
15% Food and Liquor Store Discount Beat level 6, red light septic avenger.
5% Food and Liquor Store Discount Beat level 3, red light septic avenger.
75% Mechanic Discount Complete all 5 chop shop lists.
AR-50 XMAC Special Complete all combat tricks.
Akuji's Prototype Bike Ronin mission 11.
Ambulance Complete all ambulance levels.
Avenger Jacket 3 gold stars in gang kills.
Bandit Do multiple car stunts to unlock.
Bodyguards and Ninjas Game progression.
Brotherhood Gang Cars Complete last mission for the brotherhood.
Brotherhood Melee Complete brotherhood mission 6.
Buggy Complete truckyard chop shop list.
Chainsaw in Weapon Cache Complete level 6, crowd control (marina).
Clothing Store Discount Complete level 3, crowd control (suburbs).
Crib Customization Discount Complete level 3, mayhem (red light).
Demo Derby Vehicles Complete level 6, demo derby.
Donnie's Vehicle Complete brotherhood mission 2.
Explosion Damage -5% Complete level 3, trail blazing(downtown).
Fire Fighter Suit Complete both set of trailblazing activities.
Gang Customization Cars 15% hoods conquered.
Gang Customization Cars 45% hoods conquered.
Hand Grenades Complete a hitman list.
Health Regeneration 2x Complete level 3, snatch(chinatown).
Health Regeneration 3x Complete level 6, snatch(chinatown).
Improved Weapon Accuracy 15% Complete level 6, septic avenger, suburbs.
Infinite Respect Raise respect to level 100.
Infinite SMG Ammo Complete snatch, downtown.
Infinite Shotgun Ammo Complete level 6, drug trafficking(airport).
Johnny Gat Complete final ronin mission.
Kobra(Pistol) Complete level 3 fuzz(projects)
Legal Lee Complete level 3 'stilwater prison fight club.
Mechanic Discount Complete level 3, demo derby.
No damage from falling Get a bull's eye in the base jumping diversion
One Follower Complete mission 4, prologue.
Paintball Mask Mug 30 people.
Pepper Spray in Weapon Cache Complete level 3, crowd control(marina).
Pierce Complete ronin storyline.
Pimp Suit Complete ho-ing diversion.
Pimpcane Pyramid scheme.
Police Notoriety Reduced Complete FUZZ level 3, suburbs.
Police Notoriety Reduced 2 Complete FUZZ level 6, suburbs.
Pumped Up Fight club level 3(arena).
Pumped Up Fight club level 6(arena).
Red Light Apartment Crib Complete prologue mission 2.
Reduced Vehicle Damage Insurance fraud level 3, museum.
Reduced bullet damage Heli assault level 3(bario).
Ronin Gang Cars Complete last mission for the ronin.
Ronin Melee Complete ronin mission 6.
Ronin Notoriety Reduced Drug trafficking level 3(hotel and marina).
Ronin Notority Reduced 2 Beat 'hotels & marina drug trafficking level 6'.
Saints Hideout Complete prologue mission 3.
Satchel Charges 3 hitman lists complete.
Septic Truck Beat both of the septic avengers.
Shaundi Complete sons of samedi storyline.
Shock Paddles (Melee Weapon) Complete ambulance Levels.
Sons Of Samedi Gang Cars Complete last mission for sons of samedi.
Sons Of Samedi Melee Complete mission "bad trip".
Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced Complete escort level 3, university.
Sprint Increased Insurance fraud level 3(factories).
Sprint Increased (Unlimited) Insurance fraud level 6(factories).
Super Taxi All taxi levels.
The News Helicopter Complete sons of samedi mission 3.
Three Followers 50% hoods conquered.
Tobias Complete sons of samedi mission 3.
Traffic Cone Hat 3 gold stars in vehicle surfing.
Troy Complete 'stilwater prison fight club level 6.
Two Followers 25% hoods conquered.
Unlimited Pistol Ammo Fuzz level 6(projects).
Unlimited Rifle Ammo Complete all 5 hitman lists.
Vehicle Delivery Escort level 3(red light).
X2 Ultimax (Shotgun) Drug trafficking level 3(airport).
Zombie Carlos Call eye for an eye after you complete the brother hood story.
Zombie Mask Complete zombie uprising.

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