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Saints Row Cheats "Easy completion of Snatch activity" (Xbox 360)


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Easy completion of Snatch activity

  • Purchase some hand grenades at Friendly Fire, then call any of the taxi services (for example, the TNA taxi service). When the taxi gets there, jump on top of the hood and press LT to short toss the grenade on to the windshield. After about one second, press Y. If done correctly, you will jump out of the taxi as it explodes. The taxi will be partially blown up but you will still be able to drive it. It will be invincible, allowing you to drive in peace during the Snatch activities without worrying about your car blowing up.

  • During the Los Carnales Snatch activity, after picking up the client, go to the airport. At the end of the road, turn left and go through the gates. Quickly turn right and go to the ramp, then jump the ramp onto the warehouse and stay there. The reporters will not be able to get close enough to you. There is also a CD up there.

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