Saints Row Xbox 360 Cheats

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Getting on top of hospital

This trick only works on Xbox Live, Bling That Ride. On the level "Hustler", there is a hospital (where you turn the chain in). This glitch lets you get on top of that building. Get a quick car and drive to the ditch that has the broken down cars in it, just in front of the location listed above. Get to the opposite side (the side farthest away from the hospital) and quickly drive to the ramp that gets you out of the ditch. As soon as you get on it, drive sideways onto the incline. Just before the incline disappears, use the Analog-stick to ramp off the fence. If done correctly, your car will fly at the hospital and hit the wall directly above a ledge. When that happens, instantly press Y to jump out of the car. You will land on the ledge. This is a perfect sniper location for killing people that try to turn in the chain