Sid Meier's Pirates! Live the Life Xbox 360 Cheats

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Fencing hints

When fencing, select the rapier for a quick attack. Wait a second when a bout begins until fencers cross swords. If your opponent draws his sword back at waist height blade pointing towards you (thrust), then parry and counter attack with your own thrust. Opponents sword held high on his right hand side will be a chop, duck, then counter attack. Opponents sword held high on his left hand side (arm across the body) will be a slash, jump, then counter attack. Look out, its easy to confuse the slash and chop.

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Character Name Cheats

Enter the following names as your character's name to activate the corresponding cheats:

B.Caudizzle - Crew has high morale
Bloody Bones Baz - In ship-to-ship battles, you’ll have invincibility
Bonus Frag - You get some new clothes
D.Gackey - You’ll start the game with the best ship and a full crew
Dragon Ma - Invincible while dueling
Firaxis - Unlocks Jeff Briggs
Max Remington - Unlocks Sid Meier
Scooter - Keep the Governor’s daughter’s love
Sprinkler - Your fleet will have twice its normal speed
Sweet Tooth - Your food stock is always full