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Simpsons Game, The Cheats "Cliché Locations" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PSP  |  Wii  |  NDS


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Cliché Locations

Find the following Clichés in the corresponding locations:

Double Jump - Land of chocolate
Wooden Crate, Pressure Pads - Bartman begins
Temporary Power Up, Combo Punch - Around the world in 80 bites
Giant Saw Blades, Explosive Barrel - Lisa the tree hugger
Invisible Barrier, Cracked Up - Mob rules
Rift Portal, Switches and Levers - Enter the cheatrix
Collectible Placement - Invasion of the yokel-snatchers
Obvious Weakness - Shadow of the colossal donut
Can't Swim - Day of the dolphin
Chasm Death, Time Trial - Bargain bin
Lame Tutorials - Game engine
Trampolines, Escort Mission - Medal of homer
Enemy Spawners - NeverQuest
Infinte Ledge Hang - Grand theft scratchy
Lava, Flying Boat, Elemental Enemies - Big super happy fun fun game
Key Card - Game engine
Evil Genius - Five characters in search of an author
Re-Used Enemies - Game over
AI Running into Walls, Steep Slope Barrier, The Doors - Springfield

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