Snake360 Xbox 360 Cheats

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Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks on the "Goal Board" menu:

Around The World - Complete all six courses. Difficulties do not have to match. This unlocks Marathon mode.
Battle Fan - Play 10 games of either Battle mode. This unlocks six more Battle levels.
Completeed A Course - Beat a course on any difficulty. This unlocks Course 4.
Extra! Extra! - Reach any Extra stage. This unlocks "Indulgence" in the Music Player.
Fanatic - Raise the Total Complete Rate to at least 90% in either Single Player or Co-op mode. This unlocks "Kitty Cat" in the Music Player.
Floor It - Beat any course using Turbo Speed. This unlocks the Extreme Speed setting.
Got Three - Beat three different courses on any difficulty. This unlocks Course 6.
I'm a Survivor - Last for 4 minutes on any level in Survival mode. This unlocks six more Survival levels.
More Please - Collect a grand total of 250 targets. This unlocks the Turbo Speed setting.
Step Up - Beat any course on the Difficult difficulty. This unlocks the Expert difficulty.
Two Down - Beat two different courses on any difficulty. This unlocks Course 5.
Uh-oh... - Beat all six courses on the Expert difficulty. This unlocks the Master difficulty. 

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Debug mode

Hold B + A + Down/Left or LB + A + Down at the "Copyright", "SCI Recordings" or "Aaron Teplitsky Presents" screens. Release the buttons when the "Debug" menu appears. This menu allows you to unlock the bonuses and disable user profiles.

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Control replay

Complete a level to see a brief replay of that level. Press X during the replay to repeat that short segment or Y to see the entire replay of that level.