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Sonic Adventure Cheats "Chao expressions hint" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Chao expressions hint

Little expressions will appear above the Chao's head when in the gardens. The following symbols/expressions mean the corresponding emotion:

HEART- It's happy with you and you're a good parent.
SWIRL- It's angry or upset with you. Feed it coconuts.
QUESTION MARK- Your chao is indecisive, it doesn't know what it wants to do next.
EXCLAMATION- Surprised chao, wait to see if it is good or bad.
XX ACROSS THE EYES- Very unhappy or angry. Feed coconuts.
-- ACROSS EYES- Very happy chao.
HALFED-CLOSED EYES- Tired chao. feed it or play with it.
WAVING ARMS- Your chao wants love. pick it up.
FLINGING ARMS- Temper tantrum.

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