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Sonic Generations Cheats "Achievements" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC  |  3DS


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The Opening Act (10 points) - Race through the first stage.
All Stages Cleared! (50 points) - Clear Sonic Generations.
Greased Lightning (10 points) - Clear GREEN HILL Act 1 within one minute.
Bright Star (15 points) - Get Rank S in an Act.
Shooting Star (20 points) - Get Rank S in three Acts.
Blazing Meteor (30 points) - Get Rank S in seven Acts.
Blue Comet (40 points) - Get Rank S in twelve Acts.
Big Bang (50 points) - Get Rank S in all Acts.
Trickstar (10 points) - Pull off a seven or more trick combo or six trick combo ending in a finishing trick.
Eradicator (15 points) - Defeat 100 enemies.
Ring King (15 points) - Reach the goal without dropping any of the rings you collected in GREEN HILL Act 1.
Action Hero (10 points) - Perform all of Sonic's moves in Act 2.
Bonds of Friendship (10 points) - Complete all Challenge Acts featuring Sonic's friends.
Walkie Talkie (10 points) - Chat with each of Sonic's friends you have saved.
Join the Ranks (20 points) - Join the rankings.
A 30-Second Test (20 points) - Participate in a 30 Second Trial.
Mad Skillz (30 points) - Get all Skills.
(Hedge)Hogging It All Up! (50 points) - Get all collectibles.
Time Attacker (30 points) - Play Ranking Attack on all stages.
Red Ring Collector (30 points) - Get all Red Star Rings.
Halfway Point (30 points) - Clear half the Challenge Acts.
Mission Accomplished! (30 points) - Clear all the Challenge Acts.

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