Soulcalibur IV Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 3

"The controller" and "Wild run to tragedy" achievements hint

Complete Story mode with Siegfried to unlock the Soul Calibur (final form) and with Nightmare to unlock the Soul Edge (final form). You can do this under the Normal or Hard difficulty setting. When you unlock these weapons, you will be able to buy them for 30,000 each.

Rating 2

"Equal Skill And Power" achievement hint

-To unlock this achievement, have Siegfried's fighting style leveled to at least 4. Equipment to attach is:

Helmet - Hero's Band
Mask - Hannya Mask
Neckless/Cape - Embroidered Cape
Shoulders - Nightmare Pauldron
Undergarment - Usurper's Suit
Shirt - Executioner's Breastplate
Gloves - Iron Gauntlets
Pants - Paladin's Fauld
Socks - Shinobi Tabi
Boots - Lusca Sabatons
Weapon - Take Off (surfboard)

Once you have all of those items attached, go to "Skills" and add the following:

Auto Counter C
Double-Edged Sword
Soul Gauge Boost B
Auto Impact B

Save and exit and you will get a message stating that you got a new achievement or honor. The newly made hero will look rather bad and can be deleted after the achievement or honor is received.

-A way to unlock this achievement is to have Raphael's skill leveled to 3. Note: You may have to play through the Tower to unlock some items.

Helmet - Hero Band
Eyeware - None
Neck - Guardian's Neck Cloth
Shoulder - Pauldrons
Undergarments - Protective Tatoo
Upper Body - Paladin's Curiass
Arm - Engraved Gauntlets
Lower Body - Guimian Yecha
Ankle - Shinobi Tabi
Leg - Warthog Boots
Weapon - Estoc
Skill - Willpower
Skill - HP Drain B
Skill - Nullify Counter C
Skill - Impact Heal

Using Raphael or your created fighter, you can make the fighter's appearance better by changing the entire base color set to black and have the headband's second color, the upper body's third and fourth color, and the lower body's second and fourth color white. Add white unkempt hair and eyes for additional effect.

Rating 1

All weapons

To unlock all weapons for a character, complete story mode with that character.

Rating 1

Unlockable 'Create-a-Soul' items

Unlock the following items in Create-a-Soul mode by unlocking the corresponding number of honors:

Advanced equipment - 20 achievements
Animal head equipment - 25 achievements
Basic equipment - 5 achievements
Intermediate equipment - 15 achievements
Leviathan and Voodoo equipment - 30 achievements
More equipment - 10 achievements

Rating 1

Soul Calibur

To unlock the Soul Calibur, complete Story mode on the Hard difficulty setting with Siegfried. The Soul Calibur can be bought when creating a character.

Rating 1

Honor rewards

Unlock the following honor rewards in Create a Soul mode by performing the corresponding tasks:

Advanced Equipment - Earn 20 honors.
All Weapons - Clear story mode to unlock all weapons for the selected character.
Animal Head Equipment - Earn 25 honors.
Basic Equipment - Earn 5 honors.
Intermediate Equipment - Earn 15 honors.
Leviathan and Voodoo Equipment - Earn 30 honors.
More Equipment - Earn 10 honors.

Unlockable Characters:
Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Algol - Complete story mode and beat algol.
Amy - Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.
Angol Fear - Defeat angol fear in story mode.
The Apprentice - Complete arcade mode with darth vader or yoda.
Ashlotte - Defeat ashlotte in story mode.
Cervantes - Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.
Kamikirimisu - Defeat kamikirimisu in story mode.
Lizardman - Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.
Rock - Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.
Scheherazade - Defeat scheherazade in story mode.
Seong Mi-na - Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.
Setsuka - Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.
Shura - Defeat shura in story mode.
Sophitia - Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.
Talim - Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.
Yoshimitsu - Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.
Yun-seong - Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.
Zasalamel - Buy for 4,000 Gold in character creation.
Hong Yun-seong - Buy for 4,000 Gold in character creation.
Mi-Na - Buy for 4,000 Gold in character creation.

Unlockable 'Tower of Souls' Gear:
Unlock the following items on the specified floors by performing the corresponding tasks:
1f: Soldier's Hat - Finish stage while taking no damage.
2f: Warrior Trousers - Finish stage with no ring outs from either side.
3f: Pauldron - Switch with ally more than twice.
4f: Warlord's Belt - Execute 3 attack throws.
5f: Clergy Clothes - Beat a foe with a ring out.
6f: Wonder Jacket - Throw an opponent.
7f: Warrior Trousers - Finish the stage without missing any attacks.
8f:  Armor Ring: Ice Mirror - Switch characters two times.
9f: Scarlett Blossoms - Guard the opponent's attack thrice in a row.
10f: Silver Boots - Guard the foe's attack 10 times in a row.
11f: Grim Horn - Beat all foes with a critical finish.
12f: Magus Cloth - Beat all foes with ring out.
13f: Pegasus Sallet - Beat all the walls.
14f: Phantom Pavilion: Seesaw - Execute guard impact more than 3 times.
15f: Submissions Belt - Finish the stage using only the A and G buttons.
16f: Warlord's Belt - Finish the stage with 0 time remaining.
17f: Arm Bandages - Do a 5+ combo.
18f: Kouchu Kabuto - Stand on all corners of the stage.
19f: Longhua Qippo - Switch with ally more than 5 times.
20f: Life Gem: Sun - Clear the level with a critical finish.
21f: Longhua Qippo - Volunteer to perform a ring out.
22f: Honor boots - Execute more than 4 counter hits.
23f: Frilled skirt - Guard more than 3 times in a row.
24f: Protect Gem: Cardinal directions - Execute a combo with more than 240 damage.
25f: Zhuque Changpao - Throw more than 5 times.
26f: Warthog Cuirass - Do a 10+ combo.
27f: Iron Gauntlets - Finish the stage without taking damage.
28f: Aculeus Suit - Enemy guarded a guard break attack twice or more.
29f: Menghu Boots - Switch with ally 5+ times.
30f: Spirit Gem: Noniple Heads - Finish stage without guarding.
31f: Longming Qippo - Execute 5+ Just Inputs.
32f: Vane Mask - Execute a low throw.
33f: Battle dress - Execute 3 attack throws.
34f: Power Gem: warrior Princess - Execute guard impact 3+ times.
35f: Warthog Pauldrons - Finish without switching.
36f: Parlor Blouse - Finish stage with 0 time remaining.
37f: Siren's helm - Beat all foes with critical finishes.
38f: Gorgon Fauld - Beat all enemies with ring out.
39f: Kingfisher Greaves - Finish the stage without changing position.
40f: Deer Head - Execute a 5+ combo.
41f: Minotaur - Execute 5+ Just Inputs.
42f: Demonic Gloves - Finish the stage without letting foes do a skill.
43f: Repel Gem: Iron Shell - Execute an over the back throw.
44f: War Cloak - No ring outs on either side.
45f: Tiger Lily Kabuto - Beat foes without using any skills.
46f: Butterfly salet - Do the above.
47f: Succubus Boots - Toss 5 times.
48f: Life Dem: Jade - Finish stage with a character equipped with the"invisible" skill.
49f: Horns of Calamity - Finish stage with no attacks missing.
50f: Tiger Lily Breastplates - Do a 10+combo.
51f: Tiger Lily Fauld - Execute more than 4 counterhits.
52f: Feathered Wings - Finish stage with a critical finish.
53f: Blade Ring: Demon Lord - Beat all foes with a ring out.
54f: Leviathan Pauldron - Beat all the walls.
55f: Priestess Kimono - Do 3 attack throws.
56f: Leviathan Burgonet - Execute a combo with more than 240 damage.
57f: Voodoo Armlets - Do a ring out.
58f: Tiger Pauldrons - Beat all foes without any skills equipped.
59f: Voodoo Greaves - Guard a foe's attack 10 times in a row.
60f: Voodoo Breastplate - Finish the stage without switching characters.

Tower of Souls gear (descent):
Complete the following floors while descending the Tower of Souls to unlock the corresponding items. You must ascend to level 20 before descending:

B5 - Dark Knight's Cloak.B10 - Blade Ring: Raging Thunder.B15 - Lapin Chapeau.B20 - Repel Gem: Fox Demon.B25 - Succubus Guantlets.B30 - Demonic Armor.B35 - Demonic Pauldrons.B40 - Voodoo Crown.

Unlockable Museum Content:
Unlock the following museum content by performing the corresponding tasks:

Algol Extra - Defeat algol in stage 5 on story mode.Alternate Opening - Defeat the apprentice in yoda's arcade.Art Gallery Illustrations - Purchase them.Chain of Souls Icons - Defeat any character in story mode.Character Endings - Complete story mode.Nightmare Extra - Defeat nightmare in stage 5 on story mode.Siegfried Extra - Defeat siegfried in stage 5 story mode.
Alternate Opening - Defeat The apprentice in Yoda's Arcade.

Rating 1

Devil created character

Caretaker's Tasset - 9:01,32; 9:13,15; 0:46,15; 9:43,23
Chain Mail - 9:02,29; 9:01,32
Death's Boots - 9:02,17; 9:42,05; 9:01,32
Embroidered Cape - 9:02,17
Executioner's Spaulders - 9:01,32; 9:13,14
Guardian's Breastplate - 9:02,19; 9:06,18; 9:12,13
Paladin's Gauntlets - 0:01,32; 9:23,12; 9:44,17; 9:01,01
Shinobi Tabi - 9:63,18
Viking Helm - 9:02,17; 0:44,12; 9:01,32

Base Equipment - 9:01,01
Eyes - 9:22,13
Male Voice 5, Pitch:-50
Median Cut - 9:01,32; 9:01,32
Physique:+40; Muscularity:+40
Skin - 6:02,22

Rating 1

"Death On The Battlefield" and "Mad Destroyer" achievements hint

Using Yun-Seong is the fastest way to unlock "Death On The Battlefield" and "Mad Destroyer". He is the easiest character to land blows efficiently enough to at least cause Soul Crushes. Repeated plays through Story and Arcade modes can be fast.

Rating 1

Soul Edge

To unlock the Soul Edge, complete Story mode on Hard with Nightmare. The Soul Edge can be bought when creating a character.

Rating 0

Phantom Pavilion: Seesaw stage

To unlock the "Phantom Pavilion: Seesaw" stage,execute three Guard Impacts in Tower Floor 14.

Play as Yoda:
Yoda can be purchased at the Microsoft store.

Rating 0

"Scorpion's Sting" achievement hint

To perform a critical finish, get your opponent's Soul Gauge down to blinking red status and hit them with a powerful attack. If they try to block it, they will get a red glowing ring around them for one or two seconds. When this happens, immediately press the LB. If done correctly, you will see a short intermission sequence of your character beating your opponent.

Rating 0


Start of a New Era (5 points) - Watch the introduction.
Encounter with the Unknown (10 points) - Fight Yoda.
Pursuer of the Secret (10 points) - Clear Story mode on difficulty - Normal.
Mystery of the Swords (20 points) - Clear Story mode on difficulty - Hard.
May the Force be with You (20 points) - Clear Story mode with Yoda.
War Veteran (10 points) - Clear Arcade mode.
Hero on the Battlefield (20 points) - Clear Arcade mode with over 450,000 points.
Legendary Hidden Treasures (20 points) - Get over 30 treasures in Tower Of Lost Souls.
Never Ending Advance (20 points) - Descend 20 floors in Tower Of Lost Souls.
Tower's New Guardian (30 points) - Clear all upper floors of Tower Of Lost Souls.
Scorpion's Sting (10 points) - Win a battle with Critical Finish.
Smasher (10 points) - Destroy all of the opponent's equipment.
Iron Hammer (10 points) - Land an attack on a taunting opponent.
Death on the Battlefield (30 points) - Perform 100 Critical Finishes.
Like a Flowing Stream (20 points) - Perform 200 Impacts.
Lost in the Moment (30 points) - Perform 20 Just Impacts.
Quick Strike (10 points) - Perform 5 First Attacks in a row in Arcade.
Swift Strike (20 points) - Perform 100 First Attacks.
Mad Destroyer (20 points) - Perform 100 Soul Crushes.
Violent Storm (20 points) - Perform 50 Wall Hits.
10,000 Strikes of Proof (30 points) - Land 10,000 attacks.
Endure 1,000 (30 points) - Guard 1,000 times against attacks.
Water Moon (20 points) - Perform 30 grapple breaks.
Distance will not Betray (20 points) - Reach over 10,000 meters in total movement distance in battle.
First Step as an Artist (5 points) - Customize a regular character.
Chosen by History (5 points) - Create a custom character.
Sharpened Teeth (20 points) - Maximize a style's level.
Equal Skill and Power (20 points) - Use all skill points and set up 4 skills.
Engraved into History (30 points) - Fight 100 times (Online)
World Class Fighter (30 points) - Fight against 20 different fighting styles (Online).
World Traveler (30 points) - Fight on all stages (Online).
Gladiator (20 points) - Win consecutive Ranked Matches (Online).
Unknown Swordsman (20 points) - Win 10 times (Online).
Hero King (30 points) - Level up to 20.
Divine Punishment (20 points) - K.O. with an Unblockable Attack.
Reversal Wizard (20 points) - Win 20 times with low HP.
Phoenix (10 points) - Win with all equipment destroyed.
Wandering Assassin (10 points) - K.O. opponent with over 20 types of weapons.
Repel All Blades (30 points) - Win perfect 30 times.
Numeric God (20 points) - Measure the two passages of time and win.
Two Cannot Exist Together (20 points) - Get a double K.O.
Gathering of the Best (20 points) - Complete Chain Of Souls.
Observer of Souls (30 points) - Collect all illustrations in Art Gallery.
Sword Hunter (15 points) - Collect all weapons for 5 characters.
The Controller (20 points) - Get Soul Calibur (Final Form).
Wild Run to Tragedy (20 points) - Get Soul Edge (Final Form)
Looter of the Battlefield (20 points) - Collect all accessories.
Wandering Weapon Merchant (20 points) - Collect 350 pieces of equipment.
Tower of Gold (20 points) - Get 1,000,000 gold.
Transcend History and the World (50 points) - Get all weapons and equipment.