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Soulcalibur IV Cheats ""Equal Skill And Power" achievement hint" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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"Equal Skill And Power" achievement hint

-To unlock this achievement, have Siegfried's fighting style leveled to at least 4. Equipment to attach is:

Helmet - Hero's Band
Mask - Hannya Mask
Neckless/Cape - Embroidered Cape
Shoulders - Nightmare Pauldron
Undergarment - Usurper's Suit
Shirt - Executioner's Breastplate
Gloves - Iron Gauntlets
Pants - Paladin's Fauld
Socks - Shinobi Tabi
Boots - Lusca Sabatons
Weapon - Take Off (surfboard)

Once you have all of those items attached, go to "Skills" and add the following:

Auto Counter C
Double-Edged Sword
Soul Gauge Boost B
Auto Impact B

Save and exit and you will get a message stating that you got a new achievement or honor. The newly made hero will look rather bad and can be deleted after the achievement or honor is received.

-A way to unlock this achievement is to have Raphael's skill leveled to 3. Note: You may have to play through the Tower to unlock some items.

Helmet - Hero Band
Eyeware - None
Neck - Guardian's Neck Cloth
Shoulder - Pauldrons
Undergarments - Protective Tatoo
Upper Body - Paladin's Curiass
Arm - Engraved Gauntlets
Lower Body - Guimian Yecha
Ankle - Shinobi Tabi
Leg - Warthog Boots
Weapon - Estoc
Skill - Willpower
Skill - HP Drain B
Skill - Nullify Counter C
Skill - Impact Heal

Using Raphael or your created fighter, you can make the fighter's appearance better by changing the entire base color set to black and have the headband's second color, the upper body's third and fourth color, and the lower body's second and fourth color white. Add white unkempt hair and eyes for additional effect.

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