Special Forces: Team X Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 1


A Player's Mission (5 points) Complete one Player Mission.
All Missions Check (30 points) Complete all Player Missions.
Blaster (15 points) Kill four enemies with a single explosive.
Climber (20 points) Reach Operator Rank 20.
Get up close (10 points) Execute 25 enemies.
Headcount (10 points) Kill 20 enemies in a match.
Highest Rank (30 points) Reach Operator Rank 40.
K9 Operator (30 points) Kill 25 enemies with an attack dog.
Minefield (20 points) Kill an enemy with his own mine.
Moving on up! (5 points) Reach Operator Rank 2.
Team Player (5 points) Achieve a teamplay multiplier of 4x or better.
Winner (20 points) Win a match in all Game Types.