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Spider-Man 3 Cheats "Easy kills hints" (Xbox 360)

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Easy kills hints

-An easy way to defeat enemies is by jumping while repeatedly tapping both Attack buttons.

-This tip is helpful when doing a combat tour or fighting multiple enemies. Doing a ROFL Copter (Y(2), X(4)) is very helpful and attacks several enemies that are near at the same time. Also, when playing in the Black suit, pressing LB + A while in rage will pick up all the nearby enemies and hit them, doing significant damage.

-To defeat Apocalypse Gang members, Arsenic Candy girls, and Dr. Connor's Lizard Creations in one hit, jump up in the air and pull the enemy up to you. Then, immediately press B when they are close, then Y repeatedly. You will pile drive their head in to the ground. This move will only defeat the lower level gang members in one hit. In order to do this on the ones with weapons, you must be Symbiotic Spider-Man in Rage mode. They will lose 75% of their health. For the order on the Dragon Tail members, this move will take down their health to around 90%.

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