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Split/Second Cheats "Unlockable Decals" (Xbox 360)

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Unlockable Decals

Unlock the following decals by performing the corresponding tasks:

1/4: Winner - Win a round of the Season Championship.
2/4: Qualifier - Qualify for the first round of the Season Championship
3/4: Survivor - Complete round six of the Season Championship.
4/4: Made The Podium - Complete the Season Championship.
5/4: Season Champion - Complete the Season Championship in first place.
6/4: Perfection - Complete every event and Season Championship race in first place.
7/4: Right On Track - Win your first Bonus Round.
8/4: Moving Ahead - Win 6 Bonus Rounds.
9/4: Leading The Way - Win every Bonus Round.
10/4: Race Winner - Win your first Race event.
11/4: Untouchable (Secret) - Win a Race event without crashing.
12/4: Split/Second (Secret) - Win a Race event by less than a second.
13/4: Eliminator - Win your first Elimination event.
14/4: Eliminator Efficiency (Secret) - Win a Season Elimination event by being in 1st place at each elimination.
15/4: Rope A Dope (Secret) - With 5 seconds or less on the clock, escape from last place and certain elimination.
16/4: Power Up - Trigger your first Level 1 Power Play.
17/4: I Have The Power - Trigger your first Level 2 Power Play.
18/4: Follow Me (Secret) - In an event, change the track twice with a Route Changer Power Play.
19/4: Bully (Secret) - In an event, wreck every rival with a Power Play.
20/4: Cheapskate (Secret) - Use a shortcut that a rival has triggered.
21/4: Better Luck Next Time (Secret) - Get wrecked by a shortcut that a rival has triggered.
22/4: Zero To Hero (Secret) - Use a route changer to go from 8th to 1st place.
23/4: Frequent Flyer (Secret) - In an event, wreck 3 rivals by crash landing a plane.
24/4: Swept Away (Secret) - In an event, wreck 3 rivals by destroying a dam.
25/4: The Pain Train (Secret) - In an event, wreck 3 rivals by derailing a train.
26/4: Shipwrecked (Secret) - In an event, wreck 3 rivals by launching a ship sideways across the track.
27/4: High Pipe (Secret) - In an event, wreck 3 rivals by demolishing a cooling tower.
28/4: Heavyweight - Wreck 1000 rivals with Power Plays.
29/4: High Five - Spend a total of five minutes airborne.
30/4: Great Explorer - Trigger a total of 50 route changer Power Plays.
31/4: Going The Distance - Drive a total of 1,081 miles.
32/4: The Time Is Right - Win your first Season Detonator event.
33/4: Beat The Team - Beat 1 minute 7 seconds on Construction Site in Detonator.
34/4: Beat The Team II - The Revenge - Beat 1 minute 18 seconds on Power Plant in Detonator.
36/4: Convoy (Secret) - Overtake 12 trucks in row without crashing in a Survival event.
37/4: Fearless (Secret) - Overtake 5 trucks in a row during Sudden Death in a Survival event.
35/4: Keep On Truckin' - Win your first Season Survival event.
38/4: On The Run - Win your first Season Air Strike event.
39/4: Clear Skies - Win your first Season Air Revenge event.
40/4: Once, twice, three times evasive (Secret) - Get three Perfect Waves in a row in either an Air Strike or Air Revenge event.
41/4: Start Me Up - Win an online event.
42/4: In Good Form - Get an online form of 75 or better.
43/4: Out Of Reach - Get an online form of 25 or better
44/4: World Beater - Get an online form of 1.
45/4: Giant Killer - Beat an opponent with an online form of 10 or better.
46/4: Team BlackRock - Beat a member of the development team or someone who has beaten them.
47/4: Have We Met Before? - Awarded to players that have played PURE.
48/4: Completionist - Awarded to players who have unlocked every Decal.

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