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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats "Kazdan Paratus strategy" (Xbox 360)

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Kazdan Paratus strategy

Use the following strategy to defeat Kazdan Paratus under the Sith Master difficulty setting. The entire fight, keep him locked on so that you always face him. Keep Left or Right held while locked on and press [Dash] to do a flip to either side. If you press it while pressing Away, Starkiller will perform a backflip. Keep doing this throughout the fight. This will help with his Force Push. Once he starts a combo, flip to the side and start your own. Note: Do not do more than two moves unless you score a hit on the first slash, or else he will perform a combo himself. If you send a Sith Lightning at him, he will most likely raise his lightsaber and will pause a moment. This is your cue to flip to the side, as he will send it directly back at you. Keep moving throughout the fight. Once he climbs onto the pole, run to the left side and hide behind the broken wall closest to him. This should protect you from his object throwing. After he jumps off the pole, dash towards him. Do not get too far away from him or he will use his Force Push. This fight is one of the more challenging ones because he moves very fast and can use multiple Force Pushes or attacks, even if you are on the ground.

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