Superman Returns: The Videogame Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 4

Metallo strategy

To defeat Metallo the final time, enable the "Unlimited city health" code. Pick up an object and throw it at him. Be behind him or you will get hit. Repeat this until he is defeated. He then will shoot a missile; ram the missle using Hyperspeed. You will have to fight Metallo again. This time he will attack you with a beam, and you have to tap the buttons that appear on screen.

Rating 3


Hero of Metropolis (200 points) - Beat all Metro Events and mini-games.
Armageddon Averted (30 points) - Beat Level 01 - Meteor Storm.
Mr. What's-his-name (50 points) - Beat all mini-games.
You Am Bizarro! (20 points) - Beat the Bizarro mini-game.
Super Sonic (20 points) - Finished all Fast Flyer mini-games.
Mr. Whiskers (50 points) - Find all kittens.
Souped-Up Superman (30 points) - Get all 15 power-ups.
Frequent Flyer (30 points) - Travel for 10,000 Miles.
Roadside Assistance (30 points) - Pick up 100 cars throughout the game.
The Greatest Day (30 points) - Play a total of 12 hours.
Heavy Lifting (30 points) - Lift 10,000 tons throughout the game.
Warworld (50 points) - Visited and dominated Warworld.
Metallo Mastered (100 points) - Stopped Metallo in the name of justice.
Me aM savE yOU 100 points) - By you is Bizarro not undefeated.
The Mongul Hordes (100 points) - Vanquished Mongul once again.
Twisted (100 points) - Saved Metropolis from the rampaging tornado.
Versatile Fighter (30 points) - Perform 99 fighting combos.
Not That Super (0 points) - Activate a cheat code.

Rating 2

Unlockable Trophies

Unlock the following trophies by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bizzaro Unchampion - Beat all Bizzaro mini-games
Globe Bowling - Pick up the Daily Planet globe
Kitten Finder Extraordinaire - Rescue all 100 kittens
Meteor Mayhem - Beat Level 1
Outstanding Valet - Pick up 500 cars
Photo Finish - Defeat 500 opponents

Rating 2

Break the sound barrier

When flying as Superman at hyper speed, he will go through stages where after an amount of time of continuous flying he will gain a burst in speed. He accelerates and becomes faster. If you fly for long enough, he eventually breaks the sound barrier. It is about the fourth boost in speed. This will happen when the sound of him flying becomes silent since he is traveling faster than his own sound.

Rating 1

Play as Bizarro in Free Roam mode

At the "Fortress of Solitude" menu, press UP, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP. Then, fly to the marker at the top of the GNN building to change to Bizarro. To change back to Superman, go to the marker at the other end of Metropolis.

Rating 1

Unlockable Costumes

Unlock the following costumes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Golden Age suit - Save Metropolis from the tornadoes
Pod suit - Defeat Bizarro

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the "Fortress Of Solitude" menu. Note: Some codes cannot be enabled until the Warworld level (level 3) has been completed.

God mode - UP(2), DOWN(2), LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, Y, X.
All power-ups - LEFT, Y, RIGHT, X, DOWN, Y, UP, DOWN, X, Y, X.
All unlockables - LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, Y, X, Y, UP, RIGHT, X.
Unlimited city health - Y, RIGHT, Y, RIGHT,, UP,, LEFT, RIGHT, Y.
Fast traffic - RIGHT, UP, Y, Y, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, X.
Ice Machine model change - X, Y, X, Y, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN. (Repeat this code to disable its effect.)
Modern Phone Booth model change - X, Y, X, Y, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT. (Repeat this code to disable its effect.)
Potted Plant model change - X, Y, X, Y, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT. (Repeat this code to disable its effect.)
Vending Machine 1 model change - X, Y, X, Y, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. (Repeat this code to disable its effect.)
Vending Machine 2 model change - X, Y, X, Y, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT. (Repeat this code to disable its effect.)