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Supreme Commander 2 Cheats "Cybran hidden campaign objectives" (Xbox 360)

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Cybran hidden campaign objectives

Complete the following objectives by performing the corresponding tasks:

Cache and Carry - In mission 3, collect all of the Technology Caches.
Great Escapist - In mission 2, complete the operation without a unit being captured by the enemy.
Master of Pawns - In mission 6, win the operation without the aid of any Experimentals.
Master of the Deep - In mission 5, build a Kraken Experimental Submarine.
Master Thief - In mission 2, capture a Rogue Engineer.
Research Savant - In mission 6, complete all available research.
Sultan of Soul - In mission 4, build at least four Soul Ripper Experimentals.
Survival Expert - In mission 1, survive Gauge's onslaught after the download completes.

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