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Test Drive Unlimited Cheats "Easy money hints" (Xbox 360)

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Easy money hints

-To easily earn money, complete enough Achievements to become a Champion. Then, repeat the Alfa Challenge in the Competezione car which should cost nothing. You will earn $75,000 for each win.

-After reaching the Pro level, do the speed race called "170 mph in heavy traffic". When you start, go to the opposite side of the freeway so you are going with traffic. Once you finish, do not press A. Instead, keep re-trying until you reach your desired limit. Note: A fast car (over 190 mph) is recommended.

-Go to the bottom of the map by the crater to find a speed challenge there that awards $40,000. A C-Class car is required (TVR Sagaris recommended). It can be done in about 1:30 to 2 minutes and get $40,000, which results in about $1,200,000 after one hour.

-After reaching the "Champion" rank, get $305,000 and buy the Farboud Supercharged GTS Prototype at the northern region of the map, in the McLaren-Noble-Ascari-Farboud dealership. Then, go to its tuning shop in the eastern part of the island along the shore. Purchase the best mods for it. In the city east of the southern airport (where you started and where most of everything is found), there is a speed race called 180 mph Downtown. Start it with the car. Immediately turn around when you start. There are no cameras to pass. Just reach 180 mph and press A to finish. With the upgrades, you should get to the speed in about 20 seconds (if you do not hit any car)s. Repeat this for another easy $75,000. This can result in about $1,000,000 in less than eight minutes.

-Find the highway and go to a spot chose by (but not too close) to an intersection. Find a racer to have a Instant Challenge with you and set the finish line just behind the start line on the opposite side of the highway. Once the race starts, quickly turn over the center of the highway and drive past the finish line. Do this five or ten times, then do a race that is worth about $20,000. You will get tons of money for the win. Note: This does not always work.

-On Expert level, there is an easy race called "Lucky Day". It only lasts about two minutes and results in $40,000 every time. Use the Kawasaki Ninja ($14,000) with the stage 3 tuning package ($25,000).

-Once you reach Champion level, buy a Ford GT and level 3 upgrades for it. On the southwest side of the island is a race called Ford Day, which is only about 1.7 or 1.9 miles long. Skilled drivers should be able to do it in about one minute and bank $75,000 each time.

-Purchase at least twelve to fifteen Ford Mustang GT Coupes and upgrade them at the U.S. Tuner with a Stage 3 Saleen package. Put them up for sale for around $1,000,000 each. If you have enough cars up for sale, eventually the CPU players will buy them.

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