Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 Xbox 360 Cheats

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Easy money hint

To easily gain money, in Rivals mode, save your profile every time that you exit to the main menu. You will occasionally be offered a sponsorship if you have accomplished something such as defeating Tiger.

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Aces Wild (50 points) - Sink 25 hole in ones.
Aren't You Sick of This Yet? (125 points) - Successfully compete in 1,000 online matches.
Baller Status (75 points) - Win 50 wagers.
Birdie Buster (10 points) - Make 100 birdies.
Eagle Extravaganza (50 points) - Make 50 eagles.
Getting the Hang of It (25 points) - Win five Xbox Live matches.
Great! Can You Do it Again? (25 points) - Shoot a best round of 62 or less.
High Roller (25 points) - Make 50 wagers.
Ka-Ching! (75 points) - Earn $1 million dollars on Xbox Live.
King of the Hill (125 points) - Finish an online tournament at the top of the leaderboard.
Not a Fluke (50 points) - Have an average score of 65 or less.
On Fire! (50 points) - Have a win streak of 15 games in a row.
Short Stick Master (50 points) - Average less than 1.75 putts per hole.
Try a Tournament (15 points) - Win five Xbox Live tournaments.

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding case-sensitive codes:

All courses - "EYECANDY"
All golfers - "ITSINTHEGAME"
All clubs - "CLUBS11"
Old Tom Morris - "FEATHERIE"

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Unlockable Trophy Balls

Unlock the following trophy balls and attribute point bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Aces Wild (3,000 points) - Get a hole-in-one
Birdie Buster (3,000 points) - Get twelve Birdies in one round
Birdie Streak (3,000 points) - Get six consecutive Birdies
First Birdie (500 points) - Get a Birdie
First Distance Putt (2 putting points) - Sink a 20 foot putt
First Eagle (1,000 points) - Get an Eagle
First Long Drive (2 power points) - Hit a 300 yard drive
First Par (250 Points) - Make par on a hole
First Tournament Win (1,000 points) - Win a tournament
Long Distance Putt (3 putting points) - Sink a 50 foot putt
Low Round (3,500 points) - Shoot a sub 60 round
Missing String - 100% game completion
Par 4 Green In 1 (2 long game points) - Hit a par 4 green with one shot
Under Par (2,000 points) - Shoot a sub-par round

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Easy created player points

To easily gain created palyer points, play PGA Tour season mode.

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Easy wins hint

To easily win any event, quit and save the game after each time you score well on a hole. Re-enter it or else it will be deleted. If you do not score well on a hole then quit and do not save. Load the previously saved game file to start the hole over.