Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2


Weekend Warrior (15 points) - Achieve Level 1 with a created golfer.
Future Prodigy (25 points) - Achieve Level 3 with a created golfer.
Certified Professional (50 points) - Achieve Level 5 with a created golfer.
Hall of Famer (95 points) - Achieve Level 7 with a created golfer.
Remove Training Wheels (15 points) - Complete the training intro with a created golfer.
Nice View (25 points) - Complete an 18 hole round with a final score under par using True-Aim.
Stay Focused (15 points) - Use Focus to hit a 375 yard long drive.
Team Player (25 points) - Play in an Online Team Play Match.
Packed Clubhouse (35 points) - Compete in a 12 vs. 12 Online Team Play Match.
Best of the Best (10 points) - Beat an EA SPORTS GamerNet Daily Challenge.
Learn from the Pros (20 points) - Play a Live Tournament with ball paths turned ON.
USA vs. Europe (25 points) - Participate in the Ryder Cup (Ryder Cup Mode).
Ryder Cup Champion (45 points) - Win the Ryder Cup.
Hanging Chad (25 points) - Provide feedback by taking a survey.
Couch Potato (15 points) - Watch a Video in Latest News.
Unbreakable (85 points) - Complete the Skills Challenge mode..
First Class (50 points) - Win the FedExCup (PGA TOUR Season).
Flying V (20 points) - Total 25 Birdies with a created golfer.
Soaring Birdies (40 points) - Total 125 Birdies with a created golfer.
Flock of Birdies (75 points) - Total 250 Birdies with a created golfer.
Lions, Tigers, and Eagles! (15 points) - Total 15 Eagles with a created golfer.
Armchair Golfer (30 points) - Total 50 Eagles with a created golfer.
Collector (10 points) - Spend 2,011 XP.
Clubs off the Ground (15 points) - Tune your Clubs with a created golfer in Club Tuner.
Showing my Skills (15 points) - Post an EA SPORTS GamerNet Challenge.
Hold my bag as I bust your clip (15 points) - Bust an EA SPORTS GamerNet Challenge.
GamerNet Specialist (25 points) - Earn 5,000 Player Points in EA SPORTS GamerNet.
GamerNet Pack Rat (50 points) - Earn 10,000 Player Points in EA SPORTS GamerNet.
Played the Pros (35 points) - Submit a score in a Play the Pros Live Tournament.
Turkey (25 points) - Make three consecutive cuts in the PGA Tour.
Green in Regulation (10 points) - Land the ball on the Green with at least 2 fewer strokes than par. GIR = Green in Regulation.
Fairway in Regulation (10 points) - Land the ball on the Fairway after your tee shot. FIR = Fairway in Regulation.
Reading the Green (20 points) - Sink a 50 foot putt.
BLAMMO! (15 points) - Hit the green on your first stroke at Sawgrass 17.

Rating 2

Easy experience points

Play Tiger Woods in the Skills Challenge and select the exercise where Tiger has his back to you. Complete all three shots of them to earn 5,000 experience points. Complete the challenge, then repeat.