TNA iMPACT! Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 3

Unlockable Arenas

Unlock the following arenas by performing the corresponding tasks:

Armory - Defeat james storm during story mode.
England - Earn 420,000 style points.
Freedom Center - Defeat jobber savage E in an ultimate X match during story mode.
Japan - Defeat the motor city machine guns during story mode.
Mexico - Win the mexican gauntlet match during story mode.
Vegas - Defeat kurt angle during story mode.

Rating 2

Trip over the steel steps

Run toward and into the steel steps to trip.

Rating 2


On Top of the World (5 points) - Create a player in Story mode in Chapter 1.
Lucha Libre! (10 points) - Win the Mexican Gauntlet Match in Story mode in Chapter 1.
Welcome to America (10 points) - Defeat James Storm in Story mode in Chapter 2.
King of the Gauntlet (10 points) - Win the Gauntlet Match in Story mode in Chapter 2.
Welcome to TNA! (15 points) - Defeat Robert Roode in Story mode in Chapter 3.
Climbing the Ladder (15 points) - Win two Tag Team matches in Story mode in Chapter 4.
5150 (20 points) - Beat LAX in Story mode in Chapter 4.
It's About No Limits (20 points) - Win three X Division matches in Story mode in Chapter 5.
He's Not Phenomenal (25 points) - Defeat AJ Styles in Story mode in Chapter 5.
This Is Awesome! (30 points) - Become the X Division Champion in Story mode in Chapter 5.
A Heavyweight Price (35 points) - Win your first Heavyweight match in Story mode in Chapter 6.
The Bigger They Are... (45 points) - Defeat Kevin Nash in Story mode in Chapter 6.
Start Your Own Streak (55 points) - Defeat Samoa Joe in Story mode in Chapter 6.
It's Damn Real! (75 points) - Defeat Kurt Angle in Story mode in Chapter 6.
The New King of TNA (100 points) - Defeat Jeff Jarrett in Story mode in Chapter 6.
Send'em Home Happy (15 points) - Perform a signature move to excite the crowd
Highspot Risktaker (40 points) - Perform 50 aerial moves successfully.
Don't Fire Eric (20 points) - Defeat Robert Roode with Eric Young
Return of The Icon (5 points) - Play as Sting.
X Marks the Spot (15 points) - Win an Ultimate X match.
Detroit's Finest (25 points) - Win a Tag Team match using Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.
Mid-Card Contender (25 points) - Win 25 matches in any mode.
He's on Fire!! (20 points) - Create an all flame clothing theme.
Shark in the Water (50 points) - Defeat every wrestler on the roster with Shark Boy.
Planet Jarrett (20 points) - Play against a real life TNA wrestler or someone who has.
World Wide Wrestler (25 points) - Play 25 ranked matches on Xbox Live.
Jobber Nation (0 points) - Lose 5 matches on Xbox Live in one sitting.
Underdog Wins (30 points) - Defeat someone of TNA Champion status on any Leaderboard.
Best of the Best (100 points) - Achieve TNA Champion status on any Leaderboard.
End of The Streak (35 points) - Defeat Samoa Joe with Kurt Angle.
Cage Was Robbed (35 points) - Defeat Christian Cage with Samoa Joe.
The Fallen Angel (35 points) - Defeat Samoa Joe and AJ Styles with Christopher Daniels in an Ultimate X Match.
Ultimate X History Lesson (35 points) - Win 2 Ultimate X matches with AJ Styles.
Duckin' & Dodgin' (0 points) - In a normal exhibition match avoid your opponent for over a minute.

Rating 1

Double steel chairs

To turn one steel chair into two, have two players pick up the chair at the same time.

Rating 1

Unlockable Moves

Unlock the following moves by earning the corresponding amounts of Style Points in either Exhibition or Season Mode:

Atomic Drop - 312,000 style points
Basement Dropkick - 140,000 style points
Canadian Destroyer - 940,000 style points
Crotch Punch - 156,000 style points
Cutter - 388,000 style points
Dragon Suplex - 280,000 style points
Eye Rake - 208,000 style points
Full Nelson Suplex - 130,000 style points
German Suplex - 268,000 style points
Hangman's Neckbreaker - 400,000 style points
Hurricanrana - 332,000 style points
Jackknife Powerbomb - 440,000 style points
Jawbreaker - 240,000 style points
Leg Sweep - 252,000 style points
Mexican Head Scissors - 376,000 style points
Military Slam - 480,000 style points
Muscle Buster - 520,000 style points
Neckbreaker - 216,000 style points
Reverse DDT - 486,000 style points
Running Neckbrkr - 340,000 style points
Scorpion Death Drop - 518,000 style points
Sitout Powerbomb - 583,200 style points
Sonjay Cutter - 615,600 style points
Tailbreaker - 232,000 style points
The Angle Slam - 842,400 style points
The Black Hole Slam - 777,600 style points
The Book End - 200,000 style points
The Border Toss - 290,000 style points
The Cradle Shock - 240,000 style points
The Gore - 320,000 style points
The Gringo Killer - 360,000 style points
The Payoff - 560,000 style points
The Shell Shock - 550,800 style points
The Steiner Recliner - 648,000 style points
The Stroke - 712,800 style points
The Styles Clash - 680,400 style points
The Unprettier - 745,200 style points
Tornado DDT - 192,000 style points
Twisting Crossbody - 184,000 style points
Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker - 120,000 style points

Rating 0

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Abyss - Defeat abyss in story mode part 6.
Afro Thunder - Earn 750,000 style points.
Benny - Earn 350,000 style points.
Black Machismo - Defeat him in story mode.
Brother Ray - Defeat team 3d in story mode.
Don West - Get 250,000 style points.
Eric Young - During story mode, you will eventually be paired up with eric young. After successfully winning your first tag team match, he will be unlocked.
Jay Lethal - Defeat lethal in your TNA tryout gauntlet match in story mode.
Jeff Jarrett - Defeat him in story mode.
Kevin Nash - Defeat him during story mode.
Lenny - Earn 400,000 style points.
Senshi - Gain 200,000 style points.
Sonjay Dut - Defeat sonjay dutt.
Suicide - Defeat jeff jarrett in story mode.
Tomko - Win the tag team match.