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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Cheats ""Last Man Standing" achievement and Multi-kill challenges hint" (Xbox 360)

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"Last Man Standing" achievement and Multi-kill challenges hint

Play Co-op Last Stand mode with a partner and select the Mozdok Grounds 1 map. For your suit, select 3 Gadget Upgrades; weapons are Five-Seven, AK47 (or any gun with a scope); and the gadgets as Proxy Mine, Remote Mine (or whichever required for challenges). Have each person post up at the door on the second floor stairwells, so that you are inside the stairwell. Shoot out the light above you (if present), then look directly out the door or to the right (depending on which stairwell you are in) to see a doorway. Staying in the stairwells will force the enemies to only spawn from that doorway. Simply focus fire the doorway (headshots). If you get overwhelmed you can toss a mine at the door. After you clear the wave, run over to the corpses to collect ammo for the next round, then hurry back to the stairwells. Repeat this as many times as desired. If done correctly, you and your partner should never go down and it should only take twenty minutes.

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