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Tomb Raider: Underworld Cheats ""Lara's Shadow" Treasures" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC  |  Wii  |  NDS


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"Lara's Shadow" Treasures

Find treasures in the following locations:

Reach the top and enter the area with pillars. Go to the pillar at the back on the left.
When you enter the first tunnel before the path turns to the left, search the corner.
Defeat the waves of enemies. Before you climb up the pillar, drop down and grip the ledge. Shimmy across to reach a platform at ground level.
Slide down the slope then enter the chamber. Turn to the left to find the treasure on the ground.
Face looking into Natla's throne room. Go to the far rear pillar on the right.
As you climb upwards, jump to the left to land on the lower platform.
Go across the ledges above the blue pit. After getting back on the ground, look to the left immediately before you enter the tunnel leading down.
After finding the previous treasure, enter the downward tunnel. When you reach the bottom of the steps, turn to the left and grab the treasure at the end here.
You'll be required to navigate a series of circular ledges. Once you reach the top and land on a platform, there is a treasure here.
Cross several gaps until you find four serpent statues. Look to the left of the statues.
Jump over the gap after the blue flame blocking the path has been extinguished. Then, look in the corner.
Reach the raised circular platform. Look next to the square hole with blue water behind it.
Activate the second pull switch. Climb up to the top of the raised circular platform. Shimmy to the left and reach the floor. Search the far left.
Power up the transformer then enter the tunnel. Run to the end and search beneath a torch.
Get past the traps and enter the tunnel with some enemies. Search the corner at the end under a torch.
Reach the transformer room for the second time. Immediately after exiting the tunnel, turn to your right. Search near the entrance/exit of the tunnel.
Kill all the required enemies and lower the water. Jump on the platform and search to the left.
Search next to the panel that must be destroyed in the second core.
Get through the room after the central platform collapses into the water. Reach the high area with two moving blocks on the right side. Walk under both blocks, then wall jump up on the motionless third block.
Reach Natla's chamber. Jump across to the right before going down. Search the alcove.

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