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Top Hand Rodeo Tour Xbox 360 Cheats

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Lucky Charm (15 points) - Hittin' that Golden Horseshoe was purdy hard, partner! Nicely done.
Cowboy Up (20 points) - Congrats! You've unocked the County Fair. Good job.
1st Pace (20 points) - State Fair? Other than bacon, nothing is finer than earning an entry to a rodeo at the State Fair.
Top Notch (20 points) - Lone Star. A single, stunning star, shimmering superbly. And now you can rodeo here.
Ain't too bad (20 points) - Never forget to always remember to Remember The Alamo!
Reach for the Sky (20 points) - If you go too far west, you'll end up wet. So just go Far West enough, and not any farther.
Now yer gettin' it (20 points) - A longshot is a situation that defies the odds. Just like your rodeo skills! Keep it up.
Top Hand (20 points) - Wow, you've done it! The ulitmate rodeo arena has been unlocked. You deserve it, and you're welcome!
Barrel Roll! (10 points) - A barrel roll is a difficult act of skill and timing, and you just did one my friend!
Barrel of Monkeys (50 points) - Nothing is more fun than a Barrel of Monkeys, except a whole lotta Barrel Racing!
A Fistful of Barrels (10 points) - It would be hard to hold 100 barrels in a single fist, but I bet you would if you could.
A Few Barrels More (25 points) - By a few, we meant 150 more than a fistful. But with your overachieving, we knew you'd be here soon.
Get a rope (10 points) - How many wraps did you do? Most ropers only do two. This is not safe wrapping in my opinion.
Roped In (50 points) - You got all gold in Tie Down Roping? Only the very best ropers can say that!
Piggin' it up (25 points) - A Piggin String is used to hog tie a calf, not a pig. Weird.
High Noon (10 points) - Shoot straight and move fast. Sounds easy, but it ain't.
Shoot 'Em Up (50 points) - "Bang bang bang bang bang bang... click. Darn." -- an anonymous tombstone in Texas
Luftballons (10 points) - You didn't let the red balloons go by.
What do I feel? Recoil. (25 points) - No bullets are used in the real event, instead the blank ammo burns the balloons, popping them.
Team Up (10 points) - There is no I in TEAM, but there is in WIN. You chose your partner well.
Cowboy and Woody (50 points) - A lengendary roping team from Montgomery, TX. You aren't this good, but close.
Sheer Steer (25 points) - You have roped over 48 metric tons of meat, here is your reward.
Sometimes you get the bull (10 points) - And sometime he gets you. I mean a really deep understanding of your wants and needs.
No Bull (50 points) - With an average skin thickness of over 1/4", a bull is only tickled by being spurred.
Rough Stock Rider (25 points) - Well, that was a workout!
How now brown cow? (25 points) - They keep gettin' in the way, dagnabbit!
Riding Herd (50 points) - This says you are a quantity over quality kind of player. Still, nice work!
Gold Miner (10 points) - While hard to rope, an El Dorado calf pays a handsome dividend, your portfolio thanks you.
Pistol Packin' (25 points) - I'm thinkin' you like plinkin' by the way all those targets were sinkin'.
Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' (50 points) - Now thats how you shoot!
Back in the Saddle again (25 points) - Are we there yet? You certainly are. Huge kudos to you!
Till the Sun Goes Down (25 points) - I bet the stars will be pretty tonight. Make a wish on one. I hope it comes true!
Till the Sun Comes Up (10 points) - Go. To. Bed. Now.
Double the fun (10 points) - Playing by yourself is no fun at all. The more, the merrier, right?
Three is a lovely number (20 points) - A group dynamic consisting of three people can be stabilized with good humor and tact.
The Magnificent Four (25 points) - Now THIS is a party!
Top Hand of the Rodeo (100 points) - Thank you for playing!
Bunch of Hooey (0 points) - A horse named "Booger"? Now that's just pure fun!
Bull in a China Shop (0 points) - Admit it, you were tempted to knock the barrel over when you first saw it, right? Me too.
The One that got away (0 points) - They do that sometimes. Only seems fair.
Time for Glasses (0 points) - 20/10? More like 20/200! Either that, or you just crave achievements!
I thought YOU had him! (0 points) - In any team, good communication is essential. By the way, you don't have it.
Humility is a virtue (0 points) - Pride cometh with the fall. Afterall, you survived, didn't you?
Roped by a dope (0 points) - Them calves ain't gonna catch themselves!
Cheap Shot (0 points) - Even if you don't have any skills, ya gotta a lot of try in ya.
Gettin' all Hollywood (5 points) - Everyone wants to be a cowboy.
BRB, feedin' mah horse (10 points) - If you really did just feed your horse, I gotta admit, that's pretty awesome (and coincidental)!
Thanks! (10 points) - That is a lot of people, huh?

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