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Torchlight Cheats "Upgrading hint" (Xbox 360)

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Upgrading hint

Whenever you try to upgrade an item to add effects, there's a chance you might lose an effect already on the item or all the effects on it. To upgrade without worrying about losing effects, go to Goren the item enchanter. First, press START and select "Exit to Title" to save the game. Now start the game back up, select the item you want to upgrade, and attempt to enchant it. If the upgrade fails, press the guide button on your controller, press Y, and select "Yes." The game will not save and you will have your money and item still as it was before the upgrade. This is very helpful if you try to enchant an item and it fails, making all the upgrades go away. If the upgrade is successful, then press START and select "Exit to Title." This will save the game with your new upgrade intact. You can repeat this as many times as desired. Note: This also makes the Achievement "Enchantment Overload" very easy as it requires you to successfully enchant an item 10 times.

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