Tron Xbox 360 Cheats

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COBOL (5 points) - Reach second level using default settings.
Go Team! (5 points) - Achieve a score of 20,000+ while playing an Xbox Live Co-op game.
High Score (10 points) - Get first place on in-game score board using default settings.
7 Seconds (10 points) - Stay alive in the Light Cycle level for 7 seconds.
BASIC (10 points) - Reach the third level using default settings.
Vs. Master (10 points) - Win 3 Classic Versus games over Xbox Live.
Exterminator (10 points) - Kill all the Grid Bugs in the 1st level IO tower.
Fortran (15 points) - Reach level 4 on the default settings.
Block Blaster (20 points) - Destroy all the MCP blocks in the 2nd level.
Dodgy (25 points) - Enter the IO tower without shooting any Grid Bugs.
Six Shooter (35 points) - Enter the MCP cone with a maximum of six shots.
User (45 points) - Reach level 12 using the default settings.