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uDraw Studio: Instant Artist Xbox 360 Cheats

Game also available for:   PS3

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Personal Masterpiece (5 points) - Save a Painting in the Gallery.
Color Fill Crazed (5 points) - Save a Coloring Book Painting in the Gallery.
I've Got Your Number (5 points) - Save a Numbers Painting in the Gallery.
Dots Terrific! (5 points) - Save a Connect The Dots Painting in the Gallery.
Place Your Mark (30 points) - Create a Signature Stamp.
Great Start! (20 points) - Complete any Art School Lesson.
Beginner Artist (30 points) - Complete three Drawing Lessons in Art School.
Intermediate Artist (30 points) - Complete three Painting Lessons in Art School.
Advanced Artist (30 points) - Complete three Color Lessons in Art School.
Remmy's Apprentice (50 points) - Complete all Art School Lessons.
Get Inspired! (20 points) - Explore any Art Starter.
Awe-Inspiring! (50 points) - Explore all Art Starters.
Color Crazy (30 points) - Save a Custom Palette.
My Personal Effects (10 points) - Apply an Effect Filter to a Painting.
Animated Artist (20 points) - Create artwork using an Animated Stamp.
Artist in Training (10 points) - Activate an Extended Tool Tip.
Splat Success (10 points) - Paint with the Splatter Brush.
Look, No Mess! (10 points) - Paint with the Fingerpaint Brush.
Fancy Pants (10 points) - Paint with the Calligraphy Pen.
Accomplished Artist (20 points) - Paint with Each Brush Type at least once.
Art Camp Crazy (50 points) - Explore all Art Camp Activities.
Anti-Alien (20 points) - Complete Level 1 in the Alien Splat Game.
Sizzling Splatter (30 points) - Completed Level 10 in the Alien Splat Game.
Bring it on! (30 points) - Obtain 6 lives in the Alien Splat Game.
Splat Maniac (50 points) - Complete 2 Levels in a row without losing a Life in the Alien Splat Game.
Lost in Paint (20 points) - Complete Level 1 in the Tilt Maze Game.
Tilt Triumphant (30 points) - Complete Level 10 in the Tilt Maze Game.
Tilting Hero (30 points) - Complete a Tilt Maze in 60 seconds.
Maze Master (50 points) - Complete all 40 Tilt Mazes with a total time of less than 40 minutes.
Just a Warm up (20 points) - Complete Level 1 in the Tilt Painting Challenge Game.
Color and Cruise (30 points) - Complete Level 3 in the Tilt Painting Challenge Game.
Challenge Champ (30 points) - Complete Level 5 in the Tilt Painting Challenge Game.
Color Conundrum (50 points) - Use all the colors in the Palette Wheel in Tilt Painting Freeplay Mode.
Sit Back and Relax (20 points) - Watch a Slideshow of your Gallery Paintings.
Picture This (50 points) - Export a Painting.
Lockdown! (10 points) - Activate the Lock Palette feature.
Canvas Country (50 points) - Save a Painting with all of the Different Canvas Types.
It's Customary (20 points) - Drag and Drop a basic color into the Palette Wheel.
Stroke of Luck (10 points) - Select a Different Stroke Mode in the Brushstroke Menu.

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