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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Cheats "Achievements" (Xbox 360)

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Flawless (11 points) - Complete a Flawless victory against the CPU.
Fatality (15 points) - Complete a Fatality during an Xbox Live Versus game.
Soother (20 points) - Complete a Babality against the CPU.
My Friend (20 points) - Complete a Friendship during an Xbox Live Versus game.
Combo Number 5 (15 points) - Complete a 5-hit combo against the CPU.
Competitor (12 points) - Win 10 Xbox Live Ranked Versus matches.
Double Time (8 points) - Complete a 2-hit combo against the CPU.
Match Three (10 points) - Reach the third match in any single-player tournament.
Match Five (12 points) - Reach the fifth match in any single-player tournament.
Century (30 points) - Win a total of 100 Xbox Live Ranked Versus matches
Beat the Noob! (25 points) - Beat the hidden character, Noob Saibot while playing the CPU.
Ultimate (22 points) - Become the champion in any single-player tournament.

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